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May 14, 2012 10:46 AM

smoking pork shoulder indoor?

I wanted to try a method of slow roasting my pork shoulder with a little smoke. I know i wont get the same results.. but thats ok.. i guess this might be more of a perfuming then a smoking.

i wanted to put my shoulder in at 275 and lay a pan with some sawdust or chips and let it give off some smoke for a lil smokeyness.

question is .. which method is best ?

Sawdust? or some chips? should i soak them and let them smolder at 275? or light them and let them go?

I dont want to raise the temperature much at all.. so i figure smoldering or saw dust mmight be the way to go.


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  1. I don't think they will even begin to smoke at 275.

    1. thats what i figured.... so sawdust or lighting some chips up seems like the only option?

      1. They make stovetop smokers for this purpose. But you could put some dry chips or sawdust in a roasting pan, then put the shoulder on a rack and seal up with foil. Put on stovetop over high heat until the smoke begins, then put in oven on low.

        1. Try some liquid smoke in your dry rub.

          1. A stovetop smoker is fairly effective. You can buy or make one. But it only works on smaller cuts like fish or a butterflied chicken.