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May 14, 2012 10:45 AM

SF food person in Manhattan for Saturday and Sunday nights. Where to eat (moderately priced)??

Hello! I'm from San Francisco and have worked at two great restaurants here (Frances and Mission Street Food), and also at our fabulous farmer's market at the Ferry Plaza. I love good food! I'm going to be in NYC for just two nights. Do you have recommendations for wonderful things that are moderately priced (and that I can get into)? I like everything and am up for everything. Lunch and dinner suggestions would be VERY appreciated! I don't go to NYC that often, so I am not that up on what is fun, good, and happening.


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  1. Two of my favorite when ever I get down to the city are: Cafe Un Deux Trois and Plataforma! Yum, you're making me so hungry now!

    1. Here's a list of my favorite places in NYC that I posted for two people from LA:

      Here's a similar thread going on right now for moderately priced suggestions ($75 including beer, tax, and tip):

      The suggestions I had were:
      Ssam Bar
      Fatty Cue
      Minetta Tavern

      Since you are planning kind of last minute, I would try to dine at the bar whenever possible.

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        Thanks! I love dining at the bar. Actually perfer it to a table in most cases. I really appreciate the recommendations! :)

        1. re: SFGourmande

          Kathryn's list is really solid. I'd add Public as well - they're always good for bar dining. On Sunday, they're a great brunch option - really, the best, most creative brunch in town - but they're also a great dinner option for their "Sunday Supper" - 5 courses for $50. Great deal. Would be tough to decide which meal to use them for.

          Ssam Bar is a great lunch option as well - much less crowded than at night, especially on the weekends when people tend to lean towards more "brunchy" fare. And the roast duck over rice is pretty amazing.

          1. re: sgordon

            Sunday Supper at Public is a FANTASTIC deal, great suggestion.

            I will add Parm to the list for great simple food and the counter seating.

            1. re: Spiritchaser

              Public's Facebook page has photos of some of the recent SS menus (just the menus, not of the dishes themselves sadly) - but it gives you an idea of the adventurous stuff he's serving up. I've been to the SS a few times, never had a bad meal. You need to be open-minded, though. Head cheese, curried snails... great stuff for people like me, but picky eaters might be scared.

              1. re: sgordon

                They used to have a oxtail and snail ravioli that was one of my favorite dishes.

          2. re: SFGourmande

            I would add Del Anima at the cooks counter. The grilled octopus is delicious and the food is fresh and amazing.

            Can you be more specific for what you may be looking for? Are you looking for the typical SF cuisine like farm to table? Any specific neighborhood? Cuisine?