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May 14, 2012 10:33 AM

Storing onions and garlic

Hello there! I am new here and am excited to join in the conversations! I love cooking!
Anyhow, my concern today is how to store onions and garlic. I stored them initially in a basket under the sink (cabinet). However, after a little bit it started to smell so i put them in an airtight container and that didnt help any. Any advice??

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  1. Both are really bad ideas. Too much moisture. Store them in a basket out on the counter to dissipate the ethylene gas they exude to avoid over-ripening/rotting. You can refrigerate as they get a little older to slow down the process if you wish.

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      1. They should be stored away from light, but in a container that allows ventilation. I keep onions in a mesh strainer basket, garlic in a garlic keeper, on a shelf in a pantry closet. Onions and garlic also should be stored away from potatoes, they hasten the ripening/rotting process for each other. I keep potatoes in a separate pantry closet from onions.

        If the onions or garlic are starting to smell, they are rotting and should be discarded; they cannot be saved and should not be eaten.

        1. I keep onions in the fridge--they like the cool darkness. Garlic goes into a perforated terra cotta pot on the counter.

          Under the sink is not a good place for potatoes or onions--too warm, from the hot water in the sink, and not enough air circulation. And don't store potatoes and onions in the same place--one causes the other to sprout and spoil.

          1. Sweet onions that have not been cured for dry storage - that is, Vidalia onions, for example - should be individually wrapped in paper towels and stacked in the dry crisper. They can keep well for months that way.