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May 14, 2012 10:24 AM

Hudson/Marlborough, MA Fish Market Meat Market Farm stand?

I am moving to the Hudson/Marlborough area in Mass, I love to cook at home. I'm trying to find a good butcher, fish market and even a farm stand in the area. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Also I initially posted this on the southern new england board with no responses...I suppose Hudson and Marlborough should be considered greater boston area?

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  1. Have you tried Kennedy's market?

    1. there's an okay fish market in Northboro called Captain juds. Otherwise the best bets for meat and fish are either Whole Foods in Framingham or Wegman's. I haven't found a real butcher shop out here, so if someone can mention one they like, I'd love to hear about it. (I have been to O'Driscoll's in Northborough once or twice, and found it no better than the supermarkets).

      For vegetables, I like Berberian farms, on Otis St in Northboro. They are particularly good for corn and salad greens, and heirloom tomatos. they don't carry much fruit however.

      You may not be too far from Idylwilde Farms in Acton, that's a great stop for fruits, vegetables, and gourmet foods.

      None of these is actually in Marlborough or Hudson, but not too far off.

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        I think O'Driscols closed. A casualty of Wegmans.

      2. Small Farm in Stow isn't very far on 117 and grows organically. They also sell Curcubit Farm corn from Acton which is the best around. Central market at the rotary makes Portuguese sausage and Silva's bakery is pretty good.


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          Yes, Small Farm is great in the summer! There is also Ferjulian's in Hudson; they offer a mix of their own produce and other items.

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            Small farm is on 62, not 117.......

            However, I like Bolton Spring Farm on 117 in Bolton and Indian Head Farm in Berlin better.

            The sweet corn at Indian Head Farm in Bolton (Just north of the rotary beyond Solomon Pond Mall) is better than any corn sold at Small Farm.

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              Small Farm is on 62. Applefield Farm is on 117 in Stow and also grows organically - they are not far from the Hudson line. They are bigger than Small Farms. Terrific greens, etc. Be careful on Saturdays because they do sell at a bunch of Farmers Markets and can sometimes seem wiped out at the stand while the trucks are out at the market.

              Agree with the comment below that Quarterdeck fish is excellent. The Maynard Farmer's Market is nice too, and right across the street from Quarterdeck. I had a friend who liked a butcher in Clinton, not sure if they are still around or if anyone knows the name.

              I love Idylwilde, you might find that worth the trip especially once the local stands close in fall/winter.

            2. Awesome, thanks for the info! I will certainly check those places out. Kennedy's looks awesome!

              I love getting fresh foods from smaller stores owned by families...gotta support them. :-)

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              1. re: wildinisrose

                do NOT buy Kennedy's delmonico potatoes. They are both addictive, and bad for you :) :)

              2. Also try Loews in Northborough or the Country Sooper in Upton for meats.