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May 14, 2012 09:21 AM

Help plan a dinner--your Toronto restaurant expertise needed

I am looking to plan an event for just over 20 people on a weekday evening. We wish to stay closer to downtown (King and Bay), if possible--but will go farther afield if necessary.

A private room would be best--we want to be able to relax, chat, make noise--although we want to be able to hear each other. We don't want too stuffy or formal, but good food is a must. The budget would be around 100$ per head, including tax and tip--the food should be inexpensive enough that we can drink fairly freely and not worry about maxing out our budget.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

So far I am thinking Le Select.

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  1. I was recently at a similar event at Luma in the Bell Lightbox it was wonderful Contact them and ask Jason Bangerter the Chef for suggestions We had dinner with wine pairings at $100 per person Miranda

    1. We had dinner at LeSelect for the very first time on Sunday evening and loved it. The service was excellent. Attentive with the just the right amount of friendly to feel genuine and not over the top in your face.

      We were a party of four and all of us raved about our meals. We started on the patio with smoked pig ear salad and pate which were both very nice. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the salad which came with beautiful done du puy lentils.

      For dinner, 2 had steaks which were cooked as ordered, 1 had salmon and I had the boullibaise. If I had to criticize I would say it was a tad on the salty side and richer than I was expecting but good nonetheless. Others I've had came in more of a lighter tomato fennel type broth where this was a classic seafood bisque. Aside from that is was deelish and I could have licked the bowl clean.

      Chocolate mousse was devoured without complaints.

      As you'd expect, a very nice selection of wines.

      I can't remember how much wine we had because some had red and some had white but the bill was extremely reasonable for what we enjoyed.

      We all said we'd return in a heartbeat. So, I'd say go!

      1. We had a celebration at Le Select. There were about 30 people on one side of their private space. Fantastic set menu to choose from. We brought our own wines (Champagne, a red and a white) but guests were able to order whatever else they wanted from the menu. Corkage was about $18 at the time. The service was more than fantastic. We had rounds of appetizers and then a 3 course meal. People raved about the food. The atmosphere was relaxed and while there was some jazz music playing in the background, everyone was able to talk without any problems.