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May 14, 2012 09:15 AM

The Spaniard in Boca

Ate there Saturday night. Wow. Impressive, genuine Spanish food from Spain, not the usually hideous hybrid of Cuban, American, Latin American....Service was spotty, but the tapas was top notch and made up for the aloof and harried service. Flamenco show added a nice kick to the evening, but again, focus is purely on the food, which was exceptional. We had half the menu: Didn't try the paellas, but next time. And there will be many next times. Sangria was great, too.

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  1. We have been twice - both times had the paella. The first time we both loved it and the second I thought it was okay but DH loved it so there ya go! We also really liked the sangria. Hope it survives as it was good.

    1. is this the one in Moquilla's old spot opposite Chops Lobster House? Royal Palm Plaza.

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        It's next to a place that used to be called Andrew's and will soon be a Russian restaurant & vodka bar.