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May 14, 2012 09:05 AM

Which rice for asparagus risotto

I just came back from Italy and brought back Pecorino, salami, proscuitto, Parmesan, arborio rice, vialone nano rice, fresh asparagus, and carnaroli rice.

I need to cook the asparagus, while it's still fresh, just wondering which rice to use?

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  1. Any of your rices would be fine, but carnaroli rice is my preferred risotto rice, completely personal preference.

    I'm very jealous by the way.

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    1. re: TeRReT

      Well I hope I do it justice.

      I am not really an expert on risotto, ths recipe calls for celery and onion: for the soffritto, I quite like leek, but I don't know if it makes a difference.

      Have some super gelatinous chicken stock in the freezer, guess I should use that.

      Just checked my full haul, bought:

      Pecorino Sardo Galluradoro
      Asiago Pressato (no idea what this is
      )Fior Di Gorgonzola (looks like Gorgonzola Dolce)
      Piave Vecchio
      Parmagiano Reggiano

      Salame Veneto con aglio (eating this now, it's very nice)
      Sopressa Classica Affettata
      Salamino Piccante * 2
      a Kaminwurz

      A pound of salamella polesana sausages

      A kilo of asparagus

      250g pastine
      250g Maccheroncini al pettine
      500g Reginette Napoletane

      1kg arborio
      1kg carnaroli
      1kg vialone nano

      1. re: mikehunt69

        What country did you bring these products into?

    2. I have no experience with them, but vialone nano and carnaroli are supposed to be the best for risotto. Arborio is generally what's used here. All three are acceptable.

      1. I also prefer Carnaroli for risotto. Arborio is definitely more common but Carnaroli cooks better In my experience.

        By the way, yum on your purchases!


        1. Wow! You must have hidden them well! I'm not an expert on export/import, but I thought many of those items were "verboten" coming back to the states.
          On a personal note, without going to places like Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, I use the Arborio rice on the supermarket counter. Works well for me.

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          1. So do I cook with Noilly Prat or Pinot Grigio?

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            1. re: mikehunt69

              Noilly Prat has gotten too sweet for my palate. I use Dolin Dry Vermouth now. I'd go with the Pinot Grigio.