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May 14, 2012 08:37 AM

anything interesting on north loop 1604?

I have a quick business trip to S.A. and will be staying at the Drury Inn on North Loop 1604. Any recommendations for that area? Thanks.

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  1. There are many places to eat in that area, it's an upscale "suburb".
    Not far from you is Cielito Lindo, upscale authentic Mexican (not Tex-mex), it's at Stone Oak and Huebner. There's a good Thai restaurant in the same shopping complex (Thai Chili).
    India Taj Palace is across the street.
    Kirby's is a good traditional steakhouse, right near the Drury.
    Wildfish and Roaring Fork are both at the corner of Huebner and 1604, they both have good happy hour pricing.
    Paseano's 1604 is just up the road.
    Silo 1604 is also close by.
    There are several good burger joints in the area: Bigz, Longhorn, 5 guys.
    Dough Pizzeria isn't real far.
    El Bucanero is on Blanco, just opened this location, seafood is supposed to be great.

    1. Probably need to be more specific, as the first responder noted, there are way too many choices here, and also many opportunities to have a mediocre experience. Thumbs up for Cielito Lindo, but happy hour at Roaring Fork/Wildfish has diminished down to almost nothing. These two places cater to an upscale crowd that doesn't have much culinary discrimination, and the cuisine is overwrought and unrefined. Ditto for Silo, although it does boast one of the best happy hours on 1604 (5-9 daily; good $5.00 drinks and appetizers...try the mussels). Silo has remained frozen in time after the departure of Mark Bliss, and is starting to attract a senior-early-bird-dinner crowd. A nice alternative to the bustling atmosphere of the loop establishments is Tost, about 3 miles south on Blanco. Solidly-executed traditional French cuisine, along with a nice happy hour in the bar (again, $5.00 mussels). Dough is probably your best bet, although it's a bit of a drive or cab ride, and doesn't take reservations, so get there early or really late, as it's wildly popular (4:00 pm for dinner on a Saturday isn't unreasonable). On the other hand, the popularity of Paesano's is mystifying, since the cuisine is quite often the essence of mediocrity. A local oddity, I suppose.

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        Nicely said SAhomecooking. I live <1/4 mile from Wildfish and I still don't go. I find the service to be pushy and the food medicore. Have only been to Silo for meetings in the last few years.
        Will have to check out Tost, haven't been there.
        I don't get the love for Paesano's either, but they sure pack them in. Large portions I guess.
        Hopefully the new expansion at Dough will help with the crowds, but without getting another pizza oven, I suspect it will just take longer to get served. Good way for them to sell more wine and apps I guess.