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May 14, 2012 08:34 AM

What's for Dinner #144 [old]

Time for a new thread. It is National Salad Month, are you celebrating it appropriately?

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  1. I made steaks (gorgeous well-marbled things as well they should have been for the price) on the grill this weekend and have lots of leftovers to go on -- you guessed it, salad with realtors garlic buttermilk dressing -- all week as I am expecting a crazy work week. Also have leftover-on-purpose grilled artichokes and asparagus. Not an experiment on fourunder's level, but I salted both steaks when I brought them home Saturday, cooked one Saturday night and put the other uncovered in the fridge until Sunday night. That second one took great to fabulous. Have a good week everyone!

    1. No salad for me today at lunch, but I *did* have a "sort-of" composed salad with my quiche last night. And if I'm going to make salad for lunches for later this week, I'll need to crank up the noggin to make a new vinaigrette.

      Except that Realtors' Garlic Buttermlk dressing is sounding pretty good. Off to find it in the previous thread.....

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        Here it is, LW: If your garlic is strong you may want to temper it for 3 or 4 minutes in the cider vinegar.

        1. re: GretchenS

          That's the one I found after reading suggestions to Google it. I like the substitute of 1/4 cup sour cream and 1/4 cup milk.

          Will definitely give it a whirl!

      2. Last week's scallop party on WFD got me in the mood for shellfish on Friday so I seared a few fresh bay scallops to serve with whelks and fideos with smoked paprika tomato sauce. With Hunts canned tomatoes being what they are, I gave the sauce a bit of an edge with Aleppo and Urfa pepper and additional zip from some lemon rind.

        The CH inspiration also led to last night's dinner of harissa glazed chicken and braised chard with cardamom. I don't know why I have it in my head that I don't like harissa -- this chicken was astoundingly simple and yet so flavorful. I hadn't expected the spice paste to caramelize like it did in the oven, but the charred bits of skin might have been the best part. Dessert was a variation of the Satchmo Swizzle using mezcal in lieu of creme de mur.

        1. Happy Monday all! I read up on Mother's day for many of you over on #143....
          Been off here a couple days so update.
          The Frenchman made a seared rare Flat Iron steak and sauteed crispy potatoes to go with my artichoke Sat. night, and it was a lovely evening - first really warm night of the year here. Sunset over the Space Needle viewed at 8:30 at night, while dining al Fresco - very nice!
          Sunday morning with the Formula 1 race, we had some of my improvised Bin5 cinnamon swirl rolls, but JF declared there was too much cinnamon. Sigh. So I ate his:) Great with the Nespresso, strawberries, and fast cars.

          Last night, I had a couple of GF's over for 'support single mom's' bbq. These friends far from their moms, and doing the heroic life balanceing act of raising kids on thier own, thought the least I could do was cook for 'em.
          Hot dogs on the grill for the kiddos (4 & 6), and home-ground chuck burgers for us ladies. Ground some onion, salt and Aleppo pepper into the burgers, and stuffed with Blue D-auverne cheese. Very flavorful. Bacon, toms, sliced walla walla sweets, a couple mustards, pickles and avocado on the side.
          A nice pasta salad with med. olives, roasted red pepper, feta, minced chives and mint, with a red wine viniagrette. Corn on the cob for young and old.

          Dessert was a platter of cherry-stuffed chocolate cupcakes with ganache frosting. Some red wine and bubbly to toast the mom's.... it was a nice evening outside on the patio. Fun times.:)

          Going to be HOT here (for us) today, in the 80's, so glad to have leftover pasta salad on hand for lunch.

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          1. re: gingershelley

            Very nice of you to honor those moms, gs. Sounds like a lot of fun--and great burgers.

          2. National salad month? Do they have a Hallmark card for that?

            Appropriately we had two salads with last night's meal of seared wahoo
            Salad 1. Sliced mini cucumbers splashed with some ginger syrup I was making at the time and rice wine vinegar
            Salad2. Mixed green salad with a mustard based dressing.

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            1. re: scubadoo97

              I know, these National xxx Weeks/Months make me laugh. This one is brought to you by the Association for Dressings & Sauces, I kid you not.

              Salad 1 has my mouth watering.