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May 14, 2012 08:33 AM

Is Charl's Ice Cream Still Around?

I used to love Charl's ice cream truffles. I used to get them at Whole Foods and Roche Bros. but they seem to have disappeared. I emailed the company a few weeks ago but haven't gotten a response. Has anyone seen Charl's products recently? If so, where?

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  1. Charl's is under new management and is now called Berto's . The office is located at 242 Salem Street in Woburn and there is a small retail shop in the lobby that I am sure you can purchase the truffles there. They are delicious! Here is a portion of an article from the woburn patch website with a little recent history:

    "Founded in 1950, Berto's Ice Cream caters to hotels, country clubs, and other fine dining establishments. Previously called Charl's Ice Cream Specialties, company ownership remains in the Charl's family but the business's name has changed due to new management. Products are marketed toward gourmet and super-premium ice cream connoisseurs. Desserts are made with natural ingredients only, including 15% butterfat cream, fresh fruits and milk chocolate. Not only does Berto's make the ice cream, it also creates dessert dishes such as ice cream pies, ice cream cakes and traditional Italian spumoni.

    Hours: Mon - Fri, 8am - 4:30pm

    1. I just called the phone number in Woburn and it's no longer in service. I emailed Berto's and they replied to say the best bet is to go to the factory store. According to the email, the store is open 9 - 4 Monday through Friday.

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        Looking forward to hearing about this. I used to like their "bon bons" (chocoloate covered ice cream balls). Is this what you mean when you say "truffles?" Theirs were high-quality and make for a quick, non-heavy desert.

        1. re: pemma

          Pemma, I always called them bon bons but the Charl's website calls them truffles so I went with the official lingo for my post. I'll keep my eyes open and report back. I've seen Berto's spumoni at Stop & Shop and Roche Bros but haven't seen the bon bons in awhile.

      2. I saw the Berto's truffles at Roche Bros in Wellesley today. I didn't buy them so I can't say whether the quality is the same as it was when they were manufactured under the Charl's brand.

        1. the facility is being auctioned off this week.