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May 14, 2012 08:32 AM

authentic Mexican tortillas in New Bern NC

We moved to New Bern from San Diego. I miss freshly-made corn and flour tortillas. Is there any place in New Bern that makes its own tortillas from scratch and sells them to the public?

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  1. Last I was in New Bern, there were a bunch of Mexican/Latino markets on 55. One of them should have a tortilleria, although of the tortillerias I've been to in eastern NC, none have had flour tortillas, only corn.

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      Naco, thanks for the tip. I'll investigate tortillerias along 55.

      1. re: islandchef

        You might also, in the course of checking these places out, look for a copy of Enlace or some other Latino flyer or newspaper. Enlace is particular is good even if you can't read Spanish, because it's full of big, full color ads with lots of photos. It's good for getting a sense of which of these places has what. I would find the largest supermercado(preferably with a carniceria attached) and start there. I live in Greenville and there are two tortillerias here- they aren't uncommon.

        If by some chance you strike out in New Bern, the inland areas to your west- southern Lenoir and Wayne counties- have large Latino populations and would be worth looking into if you're having a major craving. Ayden wouldn't be far for you either, and I know there's a tortilleria there.