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May 14, 2012 08:28 AM

Rubino Brothers

What happened to the Rubino Brothers of Rain. Do they have a restaurant in Toronto?

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  1. I believe Ame is still open and that is in conjunction with the Rubinos. They will also be opening Acer at the airport. Granted they had Zoom which saw talents like Claudio Aprile and Lorenzo Lossetto, but since then they seemed more interested in developing themselves as TV personalities or musicians. What I'm getting at is, does anyone care about their cooking anymore? I haven't eaten their food, or Lorenzo's more precisely, since Zoom and I had only been to Rain for drinks.

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    1. re: dubchild

      The Rubinos are no longer part of Ame. It is fully in the hands of Charles/INK. It is a private event space now is my current understanding.

      1. re: JennaBean

        I would care about their cooking if they were actually executing it. I miss Rain and Ame food. I will have to look into Acer is it?

      2. re: dubchild

        I gotta agree who cares. Specially after the TV show (more of a sitcom IMO with painfully rehearsed dialogue and scenarios) really put me off. Tried Rain and while the presentation was very nice the food was overly complex with a lot of exotic ingredients thrown in just for the sake of it.

      3. The are opening up Strada 241 - From their twitter : "Michael and Guy are opening a fun, casual southern Italian resto/espresso bar that takes them back to their Italian heritage. So Excited!!!"

        The cafe part was suppose to open around now with the food part to follow in the coming weeks.