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We Moved! Any must-hit spots in Logan/Shaw?

We moved a mile away from our old spot between Dupont and U Street. We're now on the border of Logan and Shaw 2 blocks from the circle and I'm at a loss for restaurants. Sure, there's TONS on 14th Street, but are there any hidden gems we might not know about? 14th St has lots of expensive places for a night out, but not stuff we can regularly afford to hit (esp given our new mortgage!).

Take out/delivery options are great.

We had delivery from Great Wall on Sat Night and either we were so hungry from a day of non-stop moving/unpacking or the food really is excellent - the hot and sour soup was some of the best I've had. The salt and pepper tofu was also excellent (a bit salty for me, but husband loooves that). Delivery was quick and friendly.

Looking for tips so we can explore our new digs beyond the obvious on 14th Street spots.

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  1. Don't miss Sundevich for great sandwiches! Unlike most sandwich places, they are also open in the evening. Good soft drinks and whoopie pies, too!

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      You had me at whoopie pie! This is at 9th and N, correct? I have to hit Seasonal Pantry to shop - not to eat. Seems interesting if it's open on a weekend day

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        The address is 1314 9th St. - but really it's down a little alley. The name "Sundevich" is painted in large letters on the side of the building, so it's pretty obvious once you head down the alley. The alley parallels N St. and is north of it. It's probably good to go during the day - at least your first time.

        We shared the Istanbul and the Paris - both were delicious, but I might have preferred the Paris by a hair. We also had the eggplant salad which was just OK. I think that unless you are absolutely ravenous, that the sandwich is plenty of food by itself. Of course you could always save half the sandwich for the next day, but I don't have the willpower for that.

        I really look forward to going back and trying more of the menu: the Saigon, Buenos Aires, and Havana, especially.

        This place ranks among the most exciting finds I've experienced in a while.


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          nice! I'm sure we won't have an issue finding it and the menu looks nice - we'll definitely head there soon and post back!

    2. We thought Beau Thai was pretty good.

      1. Jeserf! Welcome to the neighborhood! I love you love living here.

        Chix delivers, which can be a life-saver when you want healthier delivery. Beau Thai is also awesome, and Taylor Gourmet delivers as well. If you keep strolling east on Rhode Island, Boundary Stone has fantastic burgers and other pub food. One block further is Rustik, which has phenomenal brunch with $10 bottomless mimosas. On the way to or from either of those, stop in at Timor Bodega for local dairy and meats, well-thought out beer, affordable wines, etc.

        1. At the Great Wall, get the ma po tofu and the baby bok choy. (Ma Po Tofu is not vegetarian, so ask for a veg. version.) Their Ma Po is a seriously great.

          1. Queen of Sheba is pretty good Ethiopian, though Zenebech Injera is my new favorite by a mile. Sumah's for West African.
            Fast Gourmet is a long walk but amazing and cheap, especially the Cuban. Taylor Gourmet, absolutely. DC Noodles on U Street is surprisingly good. Brunch at Bistro la Bonne, tops. Those are my favorites in the neighborhood.
            Sweetgreen on P!

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              We used to live closer to U, so we've been to DC noodles (husband doesn't like it, which is odd because it's delicious! I'm not a huge fan of Ethiopian.

              We'll definitely check out Rustik and Boundary Stone, though - and knowing Chix delivers is a good resource!!!

            2. I love Red Toque and Zenebech Injera. They're both inexpensive, no-nonsense places with great food. Red Toque will deliver.

              At Red Toque, the vegetarian stuff rules - especially the palak paneer, chickpea curry, falafel sandwiches, samosas, hummus, and homemade bread. The lamb kebab sandwich is also good. At Zenebech, you can't go wrong with the vegetarian combo or the kitfo.

              Shaw's Tavern and Bistro Bohem are both very good, but considerably more expensive than the other places in Shaw. I think the brunch at Shaw's is a better value than the dinner. Get the pastry basket! Bistro Bohem has great cocktails, and I love their chicken schnitzel.

              And how could I forget Boundary Stone? It's awesome.

              Welcome to the neighborhood :)

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                Thanks! We're closer to logan circle than shaw, though, so much of that is a bit of a walk - but not unbearable! maybe we need to find a bus that goes up Rhode Island ave....? I have to get used to the 11th St bus lines so we can zip up to Meridian Pint!

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                  A lot of those blocks are short. It takes me less than 20 minutes to get to 14th Street from 4th, so don't count them out. And I'd echo Red Toque. Their food is surprisingly good for such a small place. Jeserf, are you a Prince of Petworth follower? I'd be surprised if you aren't, knowing you, but he covers a lot of the current growth activity along 9th, which will be great for you.

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                    yes, many of the blocks are short - we walked from the gym at gallery place home in 20 minutes (we walked slowly).
                    And yes, I'm on PoP every day - well before I moved here :) My dog was even a pet of the day or whatnot when my husband came home from AFG :)

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                    If you walk to 11th and Rhode Island, you can hop the G8 - it goes all the way up RI to 4th St. NE, Catholic and beyond :)