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May 14, 2012 08:17 AM

found a new dairy free/vegan cheese that melts!

Good morning, after a trip to a local Mexican restaurant last week that offers a choice of vegan/dairy free cheese I did some research and found the product available at several of my local stores.

They have 3 or 4 flavors, so far I've only tried the mozzerella, which is pretty tasty. I made myself a flatbread pizza for lunch today and was really happy with the texture of the cheese when heated.

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  1. one of my friends who is allergic to dairy swears by Daiya. i've made her enchiladas with it, and been pleased with the results.

    unfortunately, i can't eat the stuff myself due to the yeast extract, but at least someone has managed to make a worthy dairy-free, vegan cheese.

    1. The mozzarella is just ok compared to their cheddar. Good stuff! For anyone out there who's not familiar with it, it's both soy and gluten free.

      1. OK, I just looked at the ingredients. What the heck is "vegan natural flavor"? I guess what makes it melty is all the processed oil in it.

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          no idea, don't really care. it tastes good and it's melty, and has NOTHING I'm allergic to! :)