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May 14, 2012 08:16 AM

no wait for two tonight, maybe for Japanese, in East Village?

Going with a friend to the 10th St. Baths tonight and looking for a place to go after. We both need to get home so a place with no wait would be great. One of us will be heading toward Washington Square Village so something in that direction would be great. Japanese is something we both like but we're open to other suggestions. We're not looking for upscale, but decent and quiet enough to talk.


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  1. Kanoyama is right there, not too upscale or terribly loud, and it is very good (although if i had to knock it it would be because it is very easy to spend a lot there - hardly a major pitfall). It can get busy on weekends but I wouldnt be too worried about a party of 2 on a monday.