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May 14, 2012 08:07 AM

Any update on Dinosaur BBQ in Stamford?

Haven't heard anything, doesn't look like much going on down in the area around Fairway where I heard it was going in. Sent an inquiry on their site, and got no response.

Originally, as I recall, plan was for late summer, but I'm starting to wonder if plans have changed, given the silence since October:

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  1. Hi Chef,
    We are bidding construction project out now so hoping for an opening Mid-Fall. Since week 1 was strong in Newark, we're gearing up for Stamford!

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    1. re: LindsayLuck

      Lindsay, I heard rumors of Dinosaur looking at a space in West Hartford's Bishops corner.. true?
      Love Dinosaur when I am in upstate NY and would love to have one in the Hartford area

      1. re: LindsayLuck

        Hope its ready by the time Syracuse basketball season rolls around...lot's of alum in the area, and i suspect it will be the gathering spot for games!

        I also heard Bobby-Q is opening in downtown Stamford at the former Hula Hanks location, so there could be a BBQ war in town.

        1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

          Hell yeah! Go 'Cuse!

          [ wife is an SU alum]

          1. re: LindsayLuck

            Any news?

            CTBites says mid-Oct, but not sure where their info is coming from, and haven't noticed any obvious construction.

            1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

              OK, our friend LindseyLuck has been silent, but according to Dino's Facebook page, they are hiring, and Nov 14th is the opening date!

              1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

                You are correct Chef- we are hiring and shooting for an opening mid-November

        2. Opening is set for Wednesday December 5th at 5pm. The address is 845 Canal Street, Stamford. See you there!!

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          1. re: LindsayLuck

            Any chance Stamford will offer the macaroni salad that only seems to be available in the upstate NY locations?

            1. re: GTopp

              Anyone been here since they've opened and want to share their experience?

              A group of friends and I are thinking about having a get-together here soon and I'd be interested to know what people thought, if anyone had anything especially great or not-so-great, etc.

              I've heard that their wings are delicious.

              1. re: cardiak

                Not impressed. Got take out last Friday after being put on hold twice for 10 minutes by a rude person. Ordered the Cuban with two sides. Maybe a bad choice since it was their pulled pork with ham and mustard. Not good. Mac and cheese side and greens were also not good. I will give another try but so far rate it -100% behind Wilsons BBQ in Fairfield.

                1. re: cardiak

                  I thought it was great. The ribs were cooked perfectly. If you like your meat to fall off the bone (overcooked, mush), these are not. They still have some bite to them.
                  The brisket was the best I ever ate in a restaurant. Juicy and flavorful and really tender.
                  The pulled pork was only ok. Maybe the plate sat in the window a minute or 2 too long. It was a little limp and dry.
                  Our sides were mac and cheese and beans. Both had a slight spice kick to them which I liked too.
                  Over all, I thought it was the best BBQ in CT.

                  1. re: johnpops1

                    Second johnpops. Have been twice, both times very good. Easily best BBQ in the area, and quite good overall. Haven't had the ribs, but brisket was excellent, and pulled pork as well. Sides were greens and cole slaw, but very good as well. Nothing negative to say, aside from the fact that the first visit, within days of opening was marked be slow service, which I can write off to shakedown.

                    Regarding Bulder3's comment, that's why jellybeans come in different flavors, but not sure I'd rate a BBQ joint on their Cuban sandwich, especially in takeout form. Even if it is made with their pulled pork.

                    1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

                      Great to hear some positive reviews. We'll give it a shot.

                      1. re: cardiak

                        A group of us went for lunch on a Saturday a couple weeks ago, (we had 10 adults and 2 children) and we had a very good time and the food did not disappoint.

                        I wasn't blown away, but everything was good.

                        Surprisingly good were the shrimp in the appetizer sampler and the bbq pork fried rice.

                        I had a bite of the mac n cheese from someone else's plate, I thought it was good, not amazing, others at my table were loving it.

                        My pulled pork sandwich was tasty, and I really enjoyed the cole slaw, which was fresh, crunchy, and not over-mayo'd.

                        Overall, I wouldn't expect your meal at this place to be a transcendent experience, but it beat the pants off of a lot of other informal casual eateries that I would feel comfortable bringing a loud group with kids.

                        And for the record, one of my buddies got the cuban and loved it; and we did get some wings to share. They're different (smoked and not fried, so different taste/texture profile, and the sauce was a spicy bbq not a vinegary buffalo) but quite good.

            2. Thought I'd give this thread a bump.
              OK, where I live in Norwalk, CT is not Kansas City or the Texas Hill Country when it comes to barbecue but I've been to those places and I wanted to give two thumbs up to Dinosaur BBQ in Stamford. It's a chain but a well run chain. I've eaten there a few times recently and they serve excellent BBQ, especially St Louis cut pork ribs & beef brisket. Like all good barbecue you don't need the sauces they offer.

              1. I also have been to Dinosaur a few times since and really like the mac n cheese and ribs. Oddly, I never bother with the different sauces. I did try the brisket once but can't remember much about it. I didn't like the corn muffins, overbaked, dark brown, dry, flavorless. They do have really good salads and I love the cavernous interior.

                I've also been to the Harlem location and was told that both Harlem and Stamford are way better than the original in upstate NY. Can anyone attest to that?