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May 14, 2012 07:49 AM

Lunch--Westbound from Windsor Locks, CT

I am traveling next Sunday from Bradley Airport to the Hudson Valley and looking for a good spot for lunch: good value, reasonably prompt, and of course great food. A locally owned cafe bakery could be ideal but would consider lots of other chowish possibilities. I see we'll be traveling Route 20, then 44, through Granby, Winchester...places I've never been. Within an hour from airport traveling west would be best. A search here found Dorothy and Leroy's Barbecue and Poquonock Giant Grinder. But heavy Southern/BBQ is one of the few cuisines that doesn't apeal to me; maybe the grinder shop... What else should I look at, 'hounds? Thanks!

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  1. Chatterley's and Blue Sky Foods are both in New Hartford, about 45 minutes from Bradley. they are very different from each other but both fun. (Caveat: Chatterley's does not always fall into the category of "reasonably prompt.") In Granby, there is a brewpub called Cambridge House: stick to basics and you should be OK. if your stomachs can hold out just a little longer, Pastorale on Rt 44 in Lakeville is lovely, as is Le Laurentis which is right next door.

    1. Also in New Hartford on 44 is Portabella, an excellent red sauce Italian restaurant that is consistently good.

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        Blue Sky would be my pick, slightly off your route, but well worth it!

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          Thanks, all! Blue Sky is the plan, and will let you know how it goes!

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            you HAVE to get sweet potato fries with chili-lime dipping sauce ;)

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              A little late, but I wanted to thank you all again for your recommendations. We did go to Blue Sky, easy to find. I had fish tacos, which I always love, and I enjoyed the vibe there. My DC, who is pretty picky, ordered crab cakes...which is not something I would order out. She found them too bready and fried, so I shared some of my taco. I can't eat too many fries, so we didn't get them...but kind of regretted that. Next time!

              We spotted Chatterley's, and down the way Pastorale & Le Laurentis--definitely couldn't have held out that long. But good to know about for future trips.

              Thanks again. It was so great to be able to head straight to a local fave.

      2. Pastorale right on 44 in Lakeville, Conn. They're open on Sundays for what they call brunch, but the menu is more than a traditional brunch. Excellent food, reasonably priced and good service. Adjacent is Le Laurentis. I've never been there but they have been reviewed favorably in the NY Times.

        1. Do not go to Giant Grinder. It's a really random place that does not get much business. Their grinders are sub-par.