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May 14, 2012 07:38 AM

Heading to town on the Tuesday after Memorial Day...(Did Research)

Week after Memorial Day.

Looking for some great local San Francisco eats....I have a list of places from Yelp/Chowhound, but any info from locals as to must eat places is welcomed.

All types of places are welcome exept fine dining/sushi...wifey does not like sushi.

Looking to eat...


Have reservations at Seven Hills....looking at Sotto Marie for some Seafood, La Ciccia and maybe Delfina.

Wine Bars/Small Plates/Gastro/Bars

Excetra Wine Bar, Alembic, Vesuvio, Hemlock Tavern

Brunch: Saturday at Brendas French Soul Food


Looking at La Espiga De Oro for burritos, El Farolito, La Taqueria, and maybe Taqueria Cancun...and Gallardos for Pozole....I am a big fan of pozole.


***would love to eat some crispy roasted duck or pork......Best place to do that?

Dim Sum......Wing Lee, Hong Kong Lounge, Yank Sing, You's, Shanghai Dumpling King

Food....Z & Y, Mission Chinese, Hakka, The House...not Chinese, but looks good.


Izakaya Sozai for Ramen and Yakitori


Ngoc Mai, Bodega Bistro, Siagon Sandwich


Lers Ros

Heading to Off the Grid Fort Mason on Friday night, and the Ferry Building on Thursday.

What on my list can I miss......what should I add?

And MUSIC....where to go to see some good tunes....I know this is Chowhound..but any locals know goo places to see some music would be greatly appreciated.

MUCH THANKS...for any and all help.


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  1. Lot's of nice picks. Where are you coming from and how long will you be here?

    There are a few places that only do pozole on the weekends (I've no idea about Gallardos), so it's worth looking into availability. Also, generally for SF, verify any places' hours before committing to them.

    Get to Off The Grid early and expect you and your wife to wait in different lines for maximal untility. I was there last Friday at 8PM, and spent over 30 minutes in Senor Sisig's line before bailing to another vendor. Plus, food doesn't seem to be as fresh later on.

    Don't miss Vesuvio's upstairs seating. The offerings aren't as great as newer places in town, but it's a nice atmosphere.

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    1. re: hyperbowler

      Thanks. I appreciate the info. Maybe I will hit off the grid for a lunch when the lines are not as long. Not really interested in wating in line that long. Maybe I will just pick a few I really want to try and find them at other times....

      As for Vesuvio's....thanks....Having read MANY of Kerouac's books, as well as many other Beat writers...this is a must for us.

      1. re: mookied39

        I revisited Off the Grid last Friday and was pleasantly surprised to see that the format has expanded in a good way (lots more choices and chairs). If you go earlier, say 6-7, the lines really aren't that bad.

        1. re: rubadubgdub

          good to know - i'm one of the few (it seems) fans of Fort Mason's OTG - and i agree - go early and you'll be fine.

          To Mookied39, i would also suggest hitting the ferry bldg. farmers market on Sat. a.m., if you can, instead of Thurs., for the full experience.

    2. The Hemlock isn't a place you'd go for the drinks.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Yeah...more for the music. It was recommended to me as a place to go see some music at night.

      2. Nice choices. Regarding dun sum, I would only go to Wing Lee if I was in the area and in a hurry for some cheap takeout. It isn't bad for what it is, but not in the same category as the rest of your list.

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        1. re: Civil Bear

          Thanks. Heard that they have good roast pork/duck....was going to head there for that....and a walk down Clement St. and that I have never been to that area of the city.

          1. re: mookied39

            "dun sum"? Okay, to my defense the "u" is to the left of "i" and the "n" is to the left of "m" on the keyboard.

            aieet VIYR RGr~

            1. re: Civil Bear

     anything you say is taken with a grian of satl : )

            2. re: mookied39

              On Clement St would try Cafe Bunn Mee for their crispy duck or pork belly Vietnamese sandwiches or BStar for Burmese food without the waits you get at Burma Star. Love their Brussel sprouts (fried with popped rice and parmesan cheese!).

              1. re: cyssf

                Wow....will def check those out. Sounds great, and excatly why this place is so great.


                1. re: mookied39

                  Funny, I received this reply as I was in Cafe Bunn Mi (note correct spelling - on Clement between 5th and 6th Ave) having my favorite pork belly bunn mi. Definitely go! They also have fresh fruit drinks like watermelon, avocado, even durian.

                  1. re: cyssf

                    Wow, I hit up Cafe Bunn Mi after reading this thread. Thank you so much! Split the cripy duck and the pork belly with the wife. Both were very tasty and I would be hard pressed to say which was better. That said, I was glad I tried the duck first as the pork belly was spicier. I will be back!

              2. re: mookied39

                Wei Lee Chinese Food & Donuts (8th@ Clement) is probably my favorite place to get roasted pig. They roast a smaller pig and don't try to do a bait and switch when you ask for the rib portion (the best). There's seating for eating too.

                1. re: rubadubgdub

                  Wei Lee is owned by the same folks as Wing Lee or was at one time. Do you note much of a difference between them in the roasted meats?

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    I haven't done a side by side comparison. I did notice that during Thanksgiving they had similar signs for roasted turkeys so the shared ownership could still be going on. I assume the pigs are roasted at a central commissary somewhere else. BUT the diff is that I've always gotten great service from the nice folks at Wei Lee, and they don't blink an eye when I ask for the rib section only. The pig is on the smaller side for sure which I also prefer.

                  2. re: rubadubgdub

                    Thank you! Really wanted some crispy duck and pig skin. Will add Wei Lee to my list.

              3. I know you didn't mention burgers but if you're coming here on a Tuesday, you should consider Rosamunde on Haight's Tuesdays Only Cheeseburgers: And don't miss the beer at Toronado while you're there.

                Checkout for live rock n' roll listings

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                1. re: scarmoza

                  Thanks....will look into that. Love a good cheeseburger. Was thinking about one from 4505 Meats too. Any and all suggestions welcome!

                  1. re: mookied39

                    nah, if you're going to do a good cheeseburger, hit the Mission Bowling Club. check out this thread:

                2. I liked Seven Hills ok, but it wasn't particularly memorable in the way some other Italian rests in town can be. La Ciccia and Delfina would definitely be ahead of it in my book.

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                  1. re: rubadubgdub

                    Yes....I want to go to La Ciccia...but the wife fell in love with the picture of the gnocchi at 7 is now off the MAYBE I can talk her into La Ciccia. Thanks again for the recs....keep them coming.......they are appreciated.

                    1. re: mookied39

                      There are rave reviews for the pillowy gnocchi at Cotogna and it gets high marks from other hounds for the rest of the menu: