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May 14, 2012 06:29 AM

The LLAMA is dead. What should I inject and rub him with? Roasted whole over fire.

I will be cooking him this Saturday. He dressed out at 115lbs. I would prefer something better than salt and pepper. I also want to baste him so ideas on that would be great.

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  1. I'm interested but more is not necessarily better. Simple S&P can be very effective. I'd certainly add garlic and oregano to the party though.
    Is Llama gonna be similar to lamb?? If so, some rosemary and mustard will work nicely as well.


    1. Not ever had llama myself, its hard to know the right flavor combination, but I'm not a big fan of injected marinades for barbecue. Plenty of coarse salt & cracked pepper, maybe some rosemary and thyme, with enough olive oil to make it smearable. Crushed garlic probably would work too. Do that & let it sit for a few hours. Re the basting, I'd suggest you resist the temptation to use anything with sugar in it (such as lemon juice), which will mostly just burn.

      How are you roasting said dead llama? Spit or pit?

      1. only had it in steak form ort skewers via Peru. Llama taste like a gamey beef and I would probably go for maybe a mojo-like marinade, citrus, cilantro, garlic.

        1. The meat taste like cross between been and lamb. It will be on a rack like this but a little bigger,

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            Based on your description and cooking method I think chimichuri would be a good bet.


          2. FYI That is a cow we are roasting just behind it.