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May 14, 2012 03:24 AM

El Rinconcito Tepeyac Mexican Restaurant--Best Mexican Food in NYC

Behind a green and white awning saying "El Rinconcito", tucked into a tiny white tile-walled space on E.138th between Alexander Ave and Willis Ave in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the Bronx is the best Mexican food in New York City. The good folks at El Rinconcito have been making consistently delicious food at extremely reasonable prices since around 2003. The friendly owner takes your order and the lady chefs cook the food right in front of you next to the storefront window. This place is so authentically Mexican that it took them a few years to get their menu translated into English. Their Adobo de Puerco is mouth-wateringly good. Their Mole Poblano is worth writing home about. Their soft tacos ($2.50 each) come with your choice of beef, chicken, carnitas (pork), chorizo (sausage), barbacoa (goat), or cecina (salted beef) and, of course, radishes and limes on the side. They also serve chilaquiles, huaraches, tostadas, egg dishes, nopales (grilled cactus), as well as standard things like grilled steak, enchiladas or chiles rellenos. I highly recommend trying their specials: on the weekends they serve pancita and pozole soup. There are Mexican beverages in the cooler: from Mexican coke in glass bottles to Horchata. You can eat in or take out. They have a few tables and a jukebox.
If you are not from the neighborhood it is easy to get to: take the 6 subway to the first stop in the Bronx: E.138th street. Take the Alexander Ave exit. Walk 2/3 of a block east towards Willis Ave and it's on the uptown (northern) side of the street. You'll be glad you did---this is the restaurant whose food I miss the most when I am away from New York!

381 East 138th Street, Bronx, NY 10454
718-401-8314, 718-664-1925

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  1. Some serious praise. Will have to check out.

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    1. re: NewYorkNewHaven

      How does it compare to Xochimilco down the way?

    2. Gee, that describes about several dozen Poblano style Mexican restaurants in the NYC area, and fairly generic if you go to the Mexican neighborhoods like Sunset Park, Corona/Jackson Heights, and in that section of the Bronx. Can you explain how they're set apart from the dozens of other similar restaurants in NYC?

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      1. re: E Eto

        Well I'd have to agree with E Eto after all. Nothing in your description really distinguishes the spot for me; if it were elsewhere, I wouldn't amble over. I intend on trying a taco, maybe more, next time its convenient. There are great Mexican spots in the Bronx, Chief points out one. Why should hounds based in other boroughs head here?

      2. This place is nothing special. I work in the area and there are many better places. Way better. And dont even compare it to Xochimilco. It's like comparing a Lamborgini to a Pinto. Xochimilco, La Morado and El Atoradero deserve the authentic stamp.

        1. The original comment has been removed