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May 14, 2012 01:54 AM

'Fresh' sushi in Sydney CBD

I'll admit. I'm paranoid about sushi and where I buy it from. I suppose those Today Tonight specials wormed their way into my psyche somehow and have left me mistrustful.

Anyway. Is anyone able to recommend some reasonably priced takeaway sushi in the CBD (the closer to Philip Street, the better) that is popular/consistently fresh?

Thank you :) :)

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  1. I can't recall the name and assume it is still there but the Sushi bar in the Chifley Tower food court (upstairs) is very good, it is (I believe) part of the Japanese restaurant there.

    1. What, exactly are you paranoid about? Where the fish is sourced? How it is handled in the shop? How long it sits in the shop? If more the latter, then I should think that finding the places with the longest queue is best. You want a place that has a lot of turnover. If you're more concerned about the condition of the fish before it gets to the shop, then I think this is harder to judge, especially for anything in the "takeaway" category.

      The place Phil recommends at Chifley has been a favourite of mine too, and is the place I most often go for lunchtime sushi in the CBD, but I have noticed on my last couple of visits (in the past month or so) that the quality has deteriorated noticeably (fish is cut sloppily, tough cuts, rice is over-sweetened and too cold, nori is wet). But if your only concern is how much fish gets turned over in a short time, they're probably still a good bet.

      There's a place on the lower ground floor of the Hunter Connection food court, just off the Hunter St. entrance at the foot of the stairs, that does a lot of turnover. I don't think the quality (taste and prep-wise) is all that great, but they seem to sell a lot of fish.

      The place in the food court between the two AMP towers is OK too. They seem to only make a certain quantity each day, and simply stop selling when it runs out, which I take to be a good sign. I also like the place in the outdoor food court under the Westpac building on Kent, near Wynyard. But again, these are all just takeaway-quality. Not necessarily the best sushi, quality-wise.

      1. Oh, and I meant to add, I consider the sushi bar in the Food Halls at David Jones to be the best takeaway sushi in the CBD. It's not close to Phillip St, but might be worth the walk if you really are concerned about quality. I have to think that sourcing and prepping standards are very good there.

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          Thanks so much for the recommendations! Yes, just concerned about the freshness/turnover.

          1. re: gemuse

            LOL. The David Jones food hall was the one that made the most headlines for having sushi that had gone off.

            Sushi Nagashima (in Hunter Connection) is the only takeaway sushi I would eat in Sydney CBD.
            Nothing else comes close.

              1. re: anarcist

                Your comment and links don't match. There is nothing in the report that says it was off or dangerous. They were fined for not keeping it refrigerated at the prescribed temperature, or possibly not being able to show an audit trail for the time it was not refrigerated.

                1. re: PhilD

                  It's true that I didn't explain myself properly, and my saying that it was "off" was perhaps misleading (I didn't say it was dangerous). But I don't think that therumpus' question about "fresh" and trustworthy sushi was completely unrelated to eateries' upholding standards of refrigeration (and reporting that refrigeration). Again, I'm sure that David Jones has improved their standards since these articles, but I never thought the sushi there was ever particularly better than any other utility sushi.

                  Nor did I think it was better at the place in Chifley Tower, which I believe might be Makanai (what used to be the Asagao chain), and is not related to Azuma (the main Japanese restaurant) as has been suggested.
                  Nor would I recommend the place in lower ground Hunter Connection, which I believe might be Kansai (?), and is more of an all-you-can-eat sort of affair... not really a guarantor of quality.

                  Honestly, if we're just going to go off quality of ingredients and preparation, I would honestly recommend and stand by Sushi Nagashima. If you haven't tried it, give it a whirl.