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May 14, 2012 01:17 AM

D'Artagnan products in LA

Does anyone know where to get a decent range of their products in the LA area? I know Surfas has some (but they are frozen and very expensive). I know they mail order as well, but again, it's much cheaper to buy retail.



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  1. I would call around to the various high end stores like Wally's or even Bristol Farms or the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, etc. and see if they know or happen to have some.

    ADD: (from D'Artagnan website):

    "Do you have any stores located in my city?
    We sell to restaurants and retailers in many cities across the nation. Please call customer service at 800-DARTAGNan (800-327-8246) to find out if we are in your city. And if we’re not, please introduce us to your local stores! "

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      Coo,, thanks. I did contact them once, several months ago and asked them. The replied that they didn't know who sold their stuff in LA. I found that hard to believe. maybe I'll give it another try.

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        Wallys occasionally had D'Artagnan products, but I haven't seen them there regularly. Jenny once told me that it is particularly hard to get their products during summer months. It's a shame because D'Artagnan's foie gras mousse is infinitely superior to the Fabrique Delices foie gras that so many specialty stores carry.

      2. If you are already a Costco member, sells a few (currently seven, but that changes) D'Artagnan items and the price includes shipping.

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          Surfas definitely has some D'Artagnan products.