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May 14, 2012 12:49 AM

Road trip (NYC to Savannah,Ga)

I am planning a road trip from NYC to Savannah, with a possible stop in Asheville, NC along the way.

I am looking specifically for places to stop to eat, as I am a chef in NYC and love to sample the food of the south.

I am already done the Charleston trip so this time down I am looking to stay a little more inland.

Any suggestions would be helpful.



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  1. First, this board only covers the NC, SC and GA portion of your route, so if you are looking for recs in other states, you should post on the appropriate board for those states.

    Second, you will get more and better recs if you can be more specific about your route, cities you are interested in, type of food you're looking for, etc.

    Third, are looking for recs in Asheville and Savannah? Only those places, or those places and others in between?

    Fourth, please do a search. This question has been asked and answered many times, and there are literally dozens of recs for Asheville and Savannah on here. For example: