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May 13, 2012 11:18 PM

Food en route from Denver to Vegas

Hi, folks. Looking for tips for this part of a cross country road trip. I am driving from Kansas City to San Diego this June and an looking for food tips for along the way. The first leg is familiar to me, and there is plenty of good Denver info here. And I have no problem finding great places in Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Diego. But I am stuck on the drive from Denver to Las Vegas.

I am leaving Denver around 10am on a Sunday morning, of course going I-70 west to I-15 and south to Vegas.

Any can't miss roadside spots that won't take me super far out of my way? I'm flexible on times to eat, so could do an early lunch near Glenwood Springs or a late lunch near Grand Junction. Early dinner near Richfield, UT or a late dinner by St. George?

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  1. Heard good things about the Pullman in Glenwood: but never eaten there.

    St. George is kind of a culinary wasteland (or was last time I was there, 3 years ago), mostly chain restaurants. There was a decent thai place there, I don't recall the name (but a search will probably come up with it, can't imagine too many thai places there ;-).

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      I see. Thanks. So nothing like a hidden gem or a local favorite that i would be kicking myself for driving past because I didn't know it was there?

      I'll check out the Pullman in Glenwood Springs. Aaron Sanchez raved about the brunch at a Oaxacan place in Carbondale, so that may be another good option for Sunday morning as I leave Denver. Foodspotting shows at least some variety in Grand Junction, Cedar City, and St. George. I won't be stuck eating Wendy's, I don't think. But I'm still hoping there is some "can't miss" place along the way.

      I hate when I learn that I was just a few miles away from a place that people drive hundreds of miles to visit and i never knew it. I drove past the Brookville Hotel in Abilene dozens of times before I learned that they serve the best fried chicken ever.

    2. I would highly recommend the Wolcott Yacht Club Grill in Wolcott, CO. It is not a yacht club. Anyway, it's only open when the river business is high, so check and see if they are open before you go. It's right off the highway, so you'd lose maybe 3 minutes just pulling off and checking.

      Google will get you some reviews from that other site that shall not be mentioned. ;)

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        Thanks, I'll look for it. I found it on that other site in Wolcott, CO, but Yahoo lists it in Eagle, CO. I found the address into Google Maps, but no business was listed there. I can see it on Street View, so I trust that it is there. Weirdly, the road shows up in Google Maps as "U.S. Route 6 in Nevada" and "U.S. Route 6 in Illinois"

        Check it out:
        Freaky, huh?

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          Yeah, I saw the weirdo map, but it's a quick "right, left" off I-70 in CO.... there's only one Wolcott exit. It'll get you fed before Glenwood Canyon, which is an amazing stretch of road.

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            The Wolcott Yatch Club is no more, been closed for the last 2 years. Having just done the Colorado to California last month, I'd agree not much between Vegas and Grand Junction.

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              I'm so glad that you mentioned this- I thought I just had bad timing the past few times I've swung by (a Sunday or Monday, off season.... something). Sad to know it's closed, thank you for the update.

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                The Wolcott Yacht Club is open again. I'm hearing that its better then ever and may stay open year round. Will check it out next week and update.

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                  It is indeed open again & they have a great new chef! Their Sunday brunch with live music & creative offerings is just what they need to pack the house.

                  1. re: NannyMin

                    Thanks for the info BlueOx and NannyMin. I'm thinking I need to make a little pre-fall road trip, and put the WTC back in the route.

      2. The Pullman in GS is good!. Nice vibe, good fresh local food. Head Chef is Mark Fischer and he owns several other restaurants in the area. After you leave CO, there is not much until you hit St George which is a long way

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          six89 in Carbondale also owned by Mark Fischer is an amazing favorite in N. America. They are closing the restaurant in October so if you haven't tried it you should check it out!

        2. Just a follow up. I ended up staying in Grand Junction rather than Denver, so I left from there on Sunday morning. I also didn't realize until that day that it was actually Father's Day. Eek! In the end, I decided on the Cinnamon Grill in Grand Junction. It was busy, but not too bad. I got there around 10:00, and by the time I left at 10:45 people were getting seated on the patio and it looked like there was a bit of a wait.

          Anyway, it was a fairly decent breakfast menu. I didn't get adventurous, ordering a breakfast platter with eggs, bacon, hash browns, a pancake, and a half order of biscuits and gravy. Portions were larger than I expected and I couldn't finish it all. The price was right. I would eat there again.