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May 13, 2012 09:27 PM

Spicy Island is back!

Just a quick note that Spicy Island is back in the West Island! It's now located on Blvd Pierrefonds and des Sources (right across from the McDonalds).

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  1. Cool, is it that location next to the Couche Tard where there was an Indian bakery?

    I was talking to the owner of Carib Tasty Treats when he first opened and he mentioned that the woman who ran Spicy Island kind of regretted shutting down at the original location and actually changed her mind but at that point it was already rented out.

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    1. re: ios94

      I think you're thinking Sources. Spicy Island is on Blvd Pierrefonds, right across from McDonalds in that little strip in the corner of the Super C parking lot.

      I heard the same thing from my mechanic about the original Spicy Island.

      1. re: Troy Mercury

        I hope it's the same owner because she could cook up some wicked jerk chicken, and had a terrific daily lunch special for $4.99 of chicken, dirty rice and a festival. I actually think this location might serve them better. They had a pretty loyal clientel and this is in a better spot to draw more traffic, plus, with that cheap lunch special, she might be able to capitalize on the students from Riverdale.

    2. Stopped by there Friday after work to take a look. It's probably the smallest resto I've ever seen, seriously. I've seen office cubicles that are larger. Most of it is kitchen space, with a small standing room area to wait for your order. There were three fellows waiting and there was no chance of me squeezing in. The smell of the food, however, was fantastic. I didn't order anything (now regretting my decision) because I didn't feel like playing "let's see how many big guys we can pack into a phone booth."

      Though their menu (at the moment) appears limited, the prices seem right and just passing by the place is enough to make your mouth water from the smell of the food.

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      1. re: Haggisboy

        I was there last night as well but I did order :)

        Good food. Jerk chicken plate is well spiced and a steal for 10$. I think there were two thighs and a huge mass of rice. Rice could have been seasoned a bit more though. Goat roti is also very good.

        From what I could see the back kitchen looks very big as they probably do their catering prep back there. The front where the cash and the grills are is very small. You can fit no more than 4 people in line. It is funny that they have a small counter with two stools. I don't believe it is possible to have people seated on the stools if there are people in line. That makes this place pretty much take-out only.

        One big and very unfortunate problem last night. I ordered 2 jerk plates, 2 chicken rotis, and 1 goat roti. They gave us, and charged us, for 2 jerk plates, and 2 goat rotis. I didn't notice until I was long gone. Make sure you check your order before leaving.

        1. re: nextguy

          On the face of things it looks like you came out ahead with the mistake. Doing the math, they shortchanged themselves for 1 roti - unless, of course, the goat rotis are significantly more expensive than the chicken.

          1. re: Haggisboy

            It was not a question of math actually. They properly charged me for what they gave me. The issue is that I asked for 1 goat and 2 chicken but I got 2 goat and no chicken. So 1 of the eaters got the goat that she wanted, the other doesn't like goat but had to eat it, and another eater had no food.

            1. re: nextguy

              The chicken roti was missing some kick from the previous location, I guess we should have requested "extra spicy". How did you guys find it?

              1. re: ios94

                The curry is quite mild but flavourful...its delicious if you add some hot sauce to it.

                I've been going there for the last year, and I loved their food, but the service was really poor, friendly but very slow. They seem to have things more under control now, the last few times I have gone the place seems to be running much the jerk chicken.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. BTW, the actual Jamaican Spicy Island has closed down again.