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May 13, 2012 09:23 PM

Did anyone happen to go out for dim sum to celebrate Mother's Day?

I heard the wait at Sea Harbour stretched to 2 hours at one point today.

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  1. I thought that was just called "weekend mornings" at Sea Harbour? :-)

    I wish I could have convinced my wife to do dim sum for Mother's Day. Couldn't even convince her to let me swing by Mama Lu's to pick up some frozen dumplings when we were near SGV (yes, I know, not the same as dim sum). Maybe I could ask for that for Father's Day.

    1. O hells nah.

      I heard Elite wasn't as bad as expected.

      1. pretty sure the wait was 2 hours anywhere w/o a reservation.

        1. Not exactly dim sum, and not for brunch, but we did end up having lots of dumplings for early dinner at Wang Xing Ji (our first time there). The place filled up pretty quickly after 5pm.

          1. We went to Sea Harbour on Mother's Day last year around 9am and the wait was over 2 hours. We just went shopping in Pasadena for a few hours and came back after 11am and were seated immediately, worked out great.