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May 13, 2012 09:03 PM

Crepes in the D? [Livonia, MI area]

This coming Thursday is my mother-in-law's 86th birthday. She loves crepes. We'll be picking her up in Livonia, but are willing to do a bit of driving.

Counting on my fellow CH'ers for help!

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  1. What Crepe? in Royal Oak was plenty good for Donna and me. Only been there the once, but it was pleasing to the both of us.

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    1. re: boagman

      I think they also have a 2nd location now... perhaps Birmingham?

      Is Good Girls Go To Paris still open in downtown Detroit? I know they too had been trying a 2nd location at one point. I always preferred them to What Crepe.

      Note, though, that all of these places are in downtown areas with street parking only. So if your M-I-L has mobility issues, then it might be a complication.

      1. re: jjspw

        What Crepe? does have another location, on Old Woodward just north of Maple.

        Hepburn's Crepe at the Village Shop is in an old Toll House Cookie place, so I'm not sure how much room they have...although I did see some tables when I looked as I drove past.

    2. There's Hepburn's Crepe & Coffee at the Village of Rochester Hills. I haven't been to this location but I liked what I had at their old (Shelby Twp) location. This would be easily accessible without much walking if that is an issue. Not sure if they have table service here though, might be self-serve.

      Good Girls go to Paris is in Midtown on E Kirby (next to DIA) and (according to their website) now in Grosse Pointe too.

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      1. re: gooddog

        Good Girls might be an option IF you can figure out their hours-- or when they're actually open despite posted hours.

        Good Girls has gotten a lot of criticism for slow service, and for quality. I haven't tried them (never found them open when I could go, so gave that Groupon away), but I've watched the owner make crepes at a couple farmers market stands. She was grabbing the filling ingredients out of a cooler-- looked to be a plastic package of Costco turkey lunch meat slices, and a bag of that pre-packed shredded mozzarella. Somehow I didn't find that $7-worth of appealing. Recently someone else wrote that their crepe fillings were cold, which makes sense from what I observed. I'm not a big fan of crepes, so for all I know this may be how they always are.

        Le Petit Zinc on Trumbull in Detroit (very near the main post office) does crepes too.

        1. re: ak994

          God willing, when I'm 86 I'd be thrilled if my daughter in law put a card table with tablecloth and 4 chairs on the patio during a beautiful Michigan spring morning and served thin Bisquick pancakes filled with misc stuff from Papa Joes prepared takeout food counter. Oh, and liquor, too.

          City restaurants would disorient me too greatly.

          1. re: VTB

            Really VTB? My in-laws, in their late 80s & early 90s will go just about anywhere, including Roast and other downtown spots. I just don't take them to places (Ren Cen for example) I don't like.

      2. Thanks Everyone for the great suggestions. Personally, I love Good Girls Go to Paris, but it's not really the atmosphere I'm looking for. We're up in the between Le Petite Zinc if they have crepes on the menu that night, if not, we'll try What Crepe. I'm in Royal Oak all the time and had no idea they were there. I'll report back. Thanks again

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        1. re: Rosedale

          I would suggest The Magic Pan but they went under 20 years ago. I did find out that there was a new one at the Mall Of America.

          1. re: syrup09

            Funny you should say Magic Pan. That was my mother-in-law's favorite restaurant which started the love of crepes!