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May 13, 2012 08:59 PM

Mozzarella Failure - Help!

I set out to make mozzarella cheese and had a total failure.

I got a gallon of minimally processed (not raw) milk that was pasteurized at 145 degrees. Heated it up with citric acid, added vegetarian rennet, separated the curds from the whey and kneaded it for a good half hour. It never got smooth and stretchy like I expected. It was crumbly and very disappointing.

What did I do wrong?

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  1. It needs to be kneaded hot. Toss the curd into a microwave-safe bowl and nuke it for about 30 seconds then try again. My cheesemaking guide says it needs to reach a temperature of 135 fahrenheit to stretch properly. Keep kneading hot, then put back into the nuker for 15-20 seconds at a time to keep it very hot when it cools down.

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      Yay, it worked! It actually worked!
      Houston, we have mozzarella!
      Thank you.