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May 13, 2012 08:31 PM

ISO Authentic Italian in Vaughan Area

We're from Surf City (Huntington Beach) and will be visiting relatives in Vaughan. We're thinking of talking them out for a nice Italian dinner nearby. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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  1. I would recommend Zafferano's on Weston Rd, north of Hwy 7, or Saporas on Hwy 27 north of hwy 7. Zafferano's is a bit more casual.
    They've both owned by the same family, but both have had head chefs brought in from Italy.

    1. Another option is Autostrada. I frequent it's sister restaurant at Yonge and Lawrence, Trio, and have always enjoyed my meals.

      1. Mastro Roberto Trattoria at 7887 Weston Road ((905) 856-1696) was serving tasty and authentic food the last time I ate there. It's owned by an Italian family that used to run a banquet hall, as far as I understand. Some Italian friends that live and work in the banquet industry in Woodbridge introduced me to it. i have been meaning to return.

        1. If your treating your hosts to a nice dinner you must check out
          Basilico ( Islington / Hwy 7 )

          Let us know where you went

          1. I highly suggest Motorino on Velmar Rd (just west of Weston and Rutherford). Really nice spot, Enomatic wine system, and really delicious pizza (comparable to the best in downtown TO). I also second Autostrada; besides a few service issues, the food has always been very good.
            To be honest, my two visits to Mastro Roberto were both not good at all....

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              Went to Autostrada from the recommendations on this board and was disappointed. We tried a pasta special, a pizza and a soup. Service was ok, but the knowledge level of the waiter was close to zero (he couldn't tell me anything about the wines and said the soup was a puree when it wasn't). The food was very average. The pasta was good, but nothing different from anywhere else you can get. The pizza was ok, but it felt to me like it was canned tomato sauce. Overall, it felt like a chain restaurant to me.