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May 13, 2012 08:05 PM

Best 100 bottle wine cooler

We are building a new home within the next year. We want to put a wine cooler in our utility room. We want one that holds about 100 bottles. I need one that is quiet and hopefully energy efficient. Does anyone have any suggestions for one that I should consider or even ones to steer clear of?
Thx so much for any recommendations.

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  1. The good ones seem to be rather ridiculously expensive. The cheaper ones tend to have a few problems one should look out for:

    1. There is a "slot" for each bottle, and that slot only fits narrow Bordeaux styled bottles. Leaving one to shove all other sized bottles in ways that can scrape the label and makes everything a pain...

    2. They are "thermaelectric" this helps cut down on vibration - which is good, on the other hand this means that the refrigerator will really struggle in 80 degree + heat. If you live in an area that gets that warm, you want to be careful about this problem if you plan to store bottles long term

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      Thank you for explaining to me the limits of "thermoelectric". Reviews often mention the fact that most coolers that claim "X" number of bottles are stretching the truth.

    2. I have this "75 bottle" cooler as my back up to a La Cache.

      Have had it for about 8 years with no issues. The shelving is adjustable which is very beneficial for odd sized bottles. I use it mostly to store 375s and bottles up in the drink-soon queue. Shelving is pretty deep too so I can usually push the bottles back and lay 2-3 bottles in front of each of the top to middle rows. Bottom two rows arent as deep as the compressor is in the back bottom.

      Currently I have 99 bottles in it (according to CellarTracker) with 25 of those as 375s.

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        This will be in a utility room/office so I don't want one that is noisy or produces a lot of heat. Any feedback on those 2 criteria? Thx

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          When I was in an apartment this was in our dining room (now it's in a laundry room) and wasn't intrusive. It gives off the hum of a refrigerator with minimal heat.

      2. I have had a U line with about half that capacity that has performed well for ten years. It is very quiet as well.

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          A U line? Can you explain what that is?

        2. The original comment has been removed