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May 13, 2012 07:54 PM

Brunch River North - or not too far.

we have Saturday night dinner at Carnivale and Sunday night at Quartino. Looking for a nice place for brunch but not too heavy. Staying in River North and probably shopping after - so don't want to go too far. any ideas?

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  1. All of these likely to have waits of 20 minutes to an hour after 10:00 AM, I would call one or two as you're walking out the door.

    - Standard Greek diner, large brunch menu with great service - Eggsperience on Ontario St.

    - Standard breakfast diner, large menu good service - Yolk on N. Wells St. or Bunch on N. Orleans

    - Very good Greek diner with interesting menu and higher-end ingredients with good service - Melli Cafe on N Wells (other location in Greektown)

    - Very good breakfast menu with ability to have a Gibson's steak and a large drink menu - Lux Bar on E. Bellevue (opt for the ala carte menu downstairs over the brunch buffet upstairs)

    1. Frontera Grill- either call ahead and see if you can get one of the few reservations or show up 10-15 min before they open and get in line....

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        Although he didn't specify, based on the dinner plans I'd guess they're looking for Sunday brunch so Frontera's out.

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          Thanks for the suggestions. Eggsperience and Yolk look like good choices for what I was looking for.

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            Sable and David Burke's Primehouse both happen to be in hotels but don't feel like "hotel restaurants". Tempo Cafe is very old school and no-frills, and especially good if you have a post-Carnivale hangover. I'm not sure how they do it, but their scrambled eggs are fluffy.