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May 13, 2012 07:35 PM

Restaurant options for dinner between Charlottesville & Wintergreen VA

We're headed to the Charlottesville area next weekend and are looking for spots that would be good for a group of 9 people (several of whom are older and don't do well in noisier restaurants) that are between Charlottesville (where 3 people are staying) and Wintergreen (where the other 6, including the older group). We're open to almost anything in terms of cuisine, but are looking for restaurants that are on the "nicer" side since we're going to be celebrating one birthday and one graduation. Between the fact that the older group is staying at Wintergreen and would be driving back after dinner, and the fact that it is UVA's graduation weekend, I am guessing that anywhere in Charlottesville itself is probably out, but don't know the area well enough to know what other good options there are out there. Suggestions?

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  1. There isn't much out towards Wintergreen that would be "nicer" for you. We love Blue Mountain Brewery ( which has a terrific patio, gorgeous views and they source most of their food locally. It is not fancy but it is lovely.

    Between Cville and Nelson County on the way to Wintergreen is Crozet. It's a very small town but there are a couple good places to eat. We've had some nice meals at Three Notched Grill ( Da Luca ( is an Italian place also in Crozet. I would recommend Duner's which is closer to Cville, but if it is graduation weekend they will be packed.

    You probably could still get reservations at some places in Cville which will give you more options. The restaurants at Wintergreen are pretty predictable and boring.

    1. Your dining options are going to be limited in Wintergreen but doesn't Wintergreen itself have a restautant?

      There are few places of any type in between Charlottesville and Wintergreen, much less "nice" places, and Cville will be pretty well mobbed.

      You could also try Basic Necessities in Nellysford ,right near Wintergreen. It is a wine/cheese and bread shop, but also have a small cafe. For a party your size I would definitely call ahead.