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May 13, 2012 03:12 PM

Park 75 chef's table?

Has anyone done the chef's tasting here?

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  1. I've done it twice. Both in a party of 8.

    Both times were entertaining and enjoyable. You are right in the heart of the kitchen and although this is a more refined and not a hectic kitchen, still very interesting.The food was superb, wine pairing was perfect (and they weren't shy on the pour) and the service was outstanding. I think there is a camaraderie and respect between chef, staff and guest when you choose to sit in their environment.

    I would highly recommend it, especially for a group.

    BTW, The Bar and Lounge at the Four Seasons is also enjoyable for a before or after dinner cocktail.

    1. Absolutely. Did it about a year ago for an anniversary gift with my girlfriend at the time. It was a fantastic experience. The service is top-notch, from the moment you make the reservation. In the days leading up, they contact you for suggestions on what you would definitely like to see and NOT like to see on the menu. You sit right in the action, and everyone caters to you. Certainly an experience. Oh, the food ain't too shabby, either.

      While I haven't done it in a group like Hairlcon, I can vouch that it's a great "special evening" option for 2.

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        Thanks for the information. I will give it a try!

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          Read your post yesterday and my Atlanta magazine arrived.

          We'll be interested to see how it goes for you.