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May 13, 2012 03:06 PM

Ideas for kid-friendly Monday lunch options in South Bay?

I'm looking for ideas for places open for lunch on Mondays anywhere from Milpitas down to San Jose. We usually go north to Oakland and Berkeley places (Wood Tavern, Hawker Fare, random ethnic places) but we have an appt down by 880/101 and I don't know that area well.

Budget is open, but obviously not a 5 star place since I will have my 3 and 6 year olds with me. We eat everything, and my girls are adventurous eaters (they love Korean, Afghan, Japanese, and Indian food, but I'd prefer something different since we get those all the time close to home). I mention kid-friendly places just because I don't want to bring them to places that cater primarily to the business lunch crowd (it always makes me feel uncomfortable even though the girls are usually well-behaved and quiet).

The only complication is that my youngest has a peanut allergy so we usually avoid Thai and Vietnamese restaurants.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. You might want to try Aqui Cal-Mex. There are a several locations but I've only been to the original one on Willow Street, San Jose. Very good cal-mex food and they have a kid's menu.

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      Sorry I meant to say I've only been to the Willow Glen location of San Jose on Lincoln Ave.

    2. Just 10 min south on 880, you can go to Santana Row which has a variety of eats. Your kids will probably enjoy Pizza Antica which has sidewalk seating (great for people watching). Also just off 880 but on other side is Falafel Drive In, a very casual place with covered, outdoor seating (some seats indoors). Great falafel & banana milkshakes. Line can get long at peak time around 12:15/12:30 but Mondays may not be as bad.

      1. Oh dear, if they really like adventerous eating, please don't take them to Santana Row. Falfael Drive Inn's fairly fun, but the bread and veg is substandard.

        Try Anjappar Chettinad in the McCarthy Ranch center. Right near the freeway, easy on and off, populated by 20-something tech workers and Formica tables. It's Indian like you've never seen before - nothing "weird" per se, just spices like they just don't have in berkeley or oakland (and I was born in Oakland).

        Besides, you can eyeball and come back later the rest of the shopping center - there's enough eats there to keep you busy for a year, and subsequent explorations.

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          "(they love Korean, Afghan, Japanese, and Indian food, but I'd prefer something different since we get those all the time close to home)"...

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            Falafel Drive In sounds good to me, but I'm also intrigued by Anjappar Cettinad, as we usually get standard Indian fare or chaat. Thanks for the rec. I've been to that McCarthy Ranch Center before (we're Chinese) but I'm really picky about my Chinese food and have been disappointed the last few times I've tried places there. My favorite is still the Chinese Muslim restaurant Peking House/Chinjin Eastern House which has moved between Fremont/San Jose/Campbell over the past 15+ years.

          2. Some very good ramen houses particularly in the part of San Jose closest to Saratoga. My kids always liked noodles when they were small. Very easy to find myriad recommendations from people who can speak more authoritatively than me with a quick search.

            1. Well, a quick Google maps search shows a Morrocan place-- Menara, a bowling alley with an Hawaiian Diner attached-- 4th St Bowl, The Island Grill with sweet potato fries, Chez Souvan --Cambodian, and Izakaya-- pricey sushi all with good reviews. If you go slightly early-- say 11:30 then you will not run into many of the business crowd.