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May 13, 2012 03:00 PM

Wedding anniversary dinner in Budapest

My wife and I will be celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary in Budapest next month. We'll be staying at the Kempinski Corvinus in Pest. A quick study of this board seems to suggest both Onyx and Babel Delicate as decent candidates. Is this information up to date? Are there superior destinations we should be aggressively seeking? We are experienced travelers in town on business and need a bit of guidance.

Thanks in advance for your insight.

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  1. Either Costes or Onyx are both tops for dinner. My husband and I were there about 10 months ago and had truly wonderful dinners in each.

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      Happy anniversary first of all!

      Yes, Onyx and Costes do fit the occasion.

      Have a look as well at Csalogany 26 - - which is quieter and smoother for conversation. Its location does not allow them to charge typical tourist prices, but they cook extremely well.
      Bock Bisztro is nice too, but maybe not as intimate as the occasion requires.
      Outside the well known top class restaurants is Rosenstein -


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        Not to hijack someone else thread, but Rosenstein sounds perfect for our upcoming Budapest trip. Any other recommendations similar to this? Thanks!

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        Thank you both for your kind thoughts and recommendations. I'll report back in July.

      3. Reporting back.

        My wife and I had a marvelous time in Budapest. Taking the board's advice, I made reservations at Onyx for our 38th wedding anniversary. Weather was sweltering but the restaurant was simultaneously cool, posh and inviting. A warm welcome at the door was followed by a complimentary glass of champagne and an amuse. There was a lovely card on our table congratulating us on the occasion.

        We opted for the Hungarian Evolution Menu and paired it with their premium wine package that included both French and Hungarian selections.

        The first plate was Hungarian sturgeon caviar with cauliflower puree and a scattering of fresh vegetables. Wine was an Alsace Riesling - Steinert Grand Cru Domaine Pierre Frick 2007. The small plate was tasty and the wine crisp. This was a fine introduction to both the kitchen's talents and the high level of service that this Michelin-starred restaurant provides.

        The caviar was followed by a wonderful goose liver marinated with apple gelee. A green apple terrine with chick leg rilette was also on the plate. Wine was a Percze Furmint – Királyudvar winery 2006 Tokaj. I love goose liver in all its manifestations. This was a good plate.

        Next up was a red mullet "Fish Soup". It was paired with a rosé - St. Andrea winery
        2011 Eger. In baseball parlance, this dish was a home run. The fish was fresh and sweet, the "soup" both light and refreshing. It was our favorite dish of the evening.

        A saddle of lamb with lights (lung) stuffed ravioli, charbroiled aubergine and a lemon grass jus followed. We washed it down with Gneisz (Kékfrankos) - Ráspi winery 2006 Sopron. This was a solid dish. The wine was dark and inviting and improved as it was allowed to breathe a bit.

        Dessert was what they describe as a 21st century Somló sponge cake. Wine was Hungary's gift to the world, a Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos - Szepsy István 2006 Tokaj.

        An espresso accompanied by some small sweets and a grappa-like digestif finished the meal. In all, we spent over three and a half hours at Onyx and could have spent more. Service was impeccable and the timing of the courses was well orchestrated. All dishes were expertly prepared and updated for a 21st century palate. Linens, china, silverware and stemware were what you would expect from a restaurant of this caliber. My wife was presented with a little box of sweets to take home. We'll be back.