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May 13, 2012 02:48 PM

any quiz nights downtown center city wed may 23-mon may 28th?Best happy hours for food?

looking for any quiz nights at bars/restaurants wed may23 to tues may29th?What are best food happy hours?I'm used to going to devon seafood and oyster house for happy hour when i get up from South Beach for my annual philly visit.Since i do not drink,what would you consider the best food happy hours and prices during this period of time?Any particular memorial day weekend specials you know of?thanks in advance for your assistance from South Beach chowhound.P.S. what is best place to try to get a single phillies game for wed nite may 23rd against Washington nationals and what is best food to have at the stadium?Can i bring my own food and water into the stadium?

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  1. National Mechanics has a fun Quizzo on Wednesday nights, and good, fairly inexpensive food, too. It's in Old City, though; east of Center City (or on the east end of Center City, depending on who you ask).