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May 13, 2012 10:19 AM

Am I missing any Uptown good eats on my list ???/

I have done some research and such and have come up with a list of places that are CHOW - worthy in Uptown Manhattan/ East Harlem sections.

They are :

Taqueria Y La Fonda , Freda's Carribean, Amy's Spoonbread Too, Dinasour BBQ, Lee Lee Baked Good, Amy Ruth, Red Rooster, Jacob's Soulfood, Taco Mix, Cafe Ollin, La Caridad (108 st.)

Am I missing any good , must try ethnic joints in the area ????

Please feel free to add to my list !!


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  1. Taco Mix has excellent tacos, particularly el pasto. Yet thespot is tinyifyou like chicken then you may want to visit Pio Pio on First in the 90s. Get the full monty, beans, fries with mini hot dogs and the maduros

    1. What's "ethnic" to you? Any interest in Indian, Malaysian, Thai, or Ethiopian cuisine?

      Anyway, yes, you are missing some of the places I and others have posted about on the Upper West Side. Do a search of this board under key words like "Upper West Side," "Columbia," etc.

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      1. re: Pan

        Yea . But im looking for hole in the wall places.with good.ethnic food I.e. not burger and fries. Which one are your favorites ?? Because in Midtown and Colombus seems to be a food desert in that lookimg for 110 st. and higher ???

        1. re: ItsMee

          Not all the places you list are above 110 St. That makes things different, because most of the places I know are between 89th and 110th, from the time when I used to live on 97th. One exception would be Pisticci, not a hole-in-the-wall but a homey and very good neighborhood Italian restaurant. But is Italian an ethnicity in your reckoning?

          Also, many hounds believe the best Ethiopian restaurant in New York is in Harlem - Zoma at 113th and 8th. I don't know if it's a hole-in-the-wall (I haven't been there), but are you aware that Red Rooster is far from a hole-in-the-wall? Rather, it's pretty expensive.

          1. re: Pan

            Really ?? Thanks for the tips! I will try those places...(this is why I love CHOW)

            1. re: Pan

              Zoma isn't a hole in the wall, but it's great. Red Rooster has $6 drinks from 4-6 pm (and alternately, they're about $15 a pop. far far far from hole in the wall-ery). Dino BBQ is also often packed, and waits without a reservation are ridiculous.

              Cafe Ollin and Taco Mix are much better than Taqueria y Fonda (TyF fills a need, but isn't "must try"). Absolute Bagels is great (Bway btwn 107-108). You don't have Charles Southern Style Kitchen listed. Park West Cafe on CPW at 108 looks like a generic bodega, but has great Turkish home-style prepared foods; their zucchini pancakes are awesome.

          2. re: Pan

            Malaysian ?? YES ! What are your rec's ??? I am an open book !

            1. re: ItsMee

              Malaysian Grill, 104th St. between Broadway and Amsterdam. Their Malaysian menu items are limited, but if they know you want them done right, they will do it for you. The owner is Singaporean, and when we told him we used to live in Malaysia, he went into the kitchen and told them to make it like he likes it, and it was the real stuff.

          3. No offense, but a lot of those places are neither ethnic not hole in the wall -- Obama held a fundraiser at Red Rooster and the wait for a reservation is like 3 months.

            I personally think that Dinosaur BBQ is totally over hyped (which is pretty easy considering how poor BBQ is in NYC).

            If you want ethnic and hole in the wall, walk up and down Amsterdam and Columbus between 104 and 110. I don't have any recommendations, but there are a ton of Mexican places there.

            If you've never been to the Hungarian Pastry Shop I suppose its worth going to.

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            1. re: von_levi

              Ohhh really..... Im just saying from what I heard or seen...where is there a hungarian pastry shop ??

              1. re: ItsMee

                111th and Amsterdam. I haven't been for years but never found it impressive. Your mileage may vary.

                If you're willing to go down to 97 St. and Amsterdam, El Malecon has excellent, cheap pollo a la brasa. Flor de Mayo, a Peruvian-Chinese place on 101 and Broadway, also has very good pollo a la brasa, and some other menu items are better than the general run of the menu at El Malecon.

                If you like Middle Eastern food, consider walking down to 105th and Broadway and going to Jerusalem Restaurant. It's absolutely a hole-in-the-wall, cheap, and has some of the better falafel and shawarma you'll find in Manhattan, with good sides.

                1. re: Pan

                  Another vote for El Malecon. I prefer the red beans to the black, BTW. If you really don't want to go below 110th, I think they have a branch in Washington Heights (Broadway around 177th, I think). Also second Flor de Mayo. I love the stuffed potato app.

                  The Hungarian Pastry Shop is on Amsterdam bet. 110 and 111. I haven't been for awhile but it gets mixed reviews. Two alternatives: La Toulousanerie (not sure of the name) is on Amsterdam near 107th. Artopolis on Amsterdam near 114th and is a branch of the place in Astoria.

                  1. re: rteplow

                    I mentioned Hungarian Pastry Shop because it's kinda ethnic, and also a good throwback to an NYC coffee/pastry shop from before the days of the coffee and cupcake chains that now dominate every street in the city.

                    They're offerings are certainly not best ever, but I'm confounded by the negative reviews. I've never had an objectionable experience there, and it's pretty reasonably priced.

                    1. re: von_levi

                      I had a terrible croissant there. Great atmosphere for reading or studying but the pastries are meh and the coffee is worse.

            2. On the East Side, I'd probably add La Galette, Taco Mix, the quesadilla stand on 116th and 2nd Ave and cuchifritos (mainly for the experience).

              On the West, definitely add Zoma and African in general, Flor de Mayo is also a good suggestion and reminds me I haven't been in too long.

              1. There's a new Ethiopian on 135th called Abyssinia that I haven't been to but was recommended highly to me.

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                1. re: Peter Cuce

                  Great recs everyone !! ::bows down::