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Uses for fig jam

Just was given a jar and would like to use it on something other than toast. There are some recipes online, but I thought I'd ask the experts. Any special recipes?

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  1. Figs are very plentiful in NC and part of the food traditions of the area. The following link is for a very good Ocracoke style fig cake:


    Fig preserves are also very nice in thumbprint cookies. The new Southern Latino Table has a savory thumbprint with fig preserves, but I can't locate an online source for the recipe.

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      As soon as I saw the title of your post, the Ocracoke Fig Cake came to mind. One of my dear friends has asked me to make that for him on several birthdays! D-Lish


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        Today Whole Foods [Asheville, NC] Had figs with Greek yoghurt...nice...would serve for dessert drizzled with NC honey, sprig or 2 of fresh mint on top...

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        I made the Ocracoke Fig Cake with fig preserves (not fresh, as it is March) last night for a dinner party, and it was more luscious than I remembered it from the first time I made it. Now, the problem is that I left the cake at my friend's home and there is none for me. May have to make another one today!

        Fig Cake: http://www.newsobserver.com/cgi-bin/n...

        Buttermilk Glaze for the Fig Cake: http://www.newsobserver.com/cgi-bin/n...

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          I just realized the cake recipe I linked to omitted sugar in the ingredient list. Should be 1.5 cups. The original recipe from which it was adapted is in the link above from Tehama.

        2. I do a bruschetta with mascarpone, fig jam and prosciutto. FAB!!!!

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            Ot bruschetta fig jam,proscuitto and fresh mancego cheeze..

          2. Spread on top of a brie wheel and baked until soft.
            Fig jam and just about any soft cheese in a grilled sandwich is heaven
            But I love it right out of the jar and spread on waffles, pancakes, muffins, scones, popovers, crepes and pancakes.
            And topped or folded into a muffin batter is lovely too!

            added to dips, spreads and salad dressing!

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              speaking of sandwiches, fig jam and almond butter, anyone? bacon or prosciutto optional ;)

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                Oh my....and I've already had french toast this morning........yur killin me! (in a very good way)!

            2. with prosciutto and a soft cheese on a panino!

              1. as HillJ mentioned dressing, it makes a wonderful vinaigrette with champagne vinegar & walnut oil.

                - combine with sharp mustard for a really tasty spread
                - use it in a sweet or savory tart
                - flatbread
                - rugelach
                - make ice cream (or just drizzle on or mix in),
                - top or fill crepes
                - turn it into a glaze (with balsamic) for pork, game meat or poultry
                - combine with mascarpone & use in a trifle

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                  Blend some soft goat cheese with a little chopped rosemary, form into a rectangle on a plate, top with fig jam, take out some crackers, enjoy!

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                    Or, crush the crackers and coat the goat cheese rectangle and brown in some hot oil until crispy. Then top with more fig jam!

                2. I have a recipe for blue cheese savory cookies that are topped with fig jam.

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                    That sounds really interesting. Would you share the recipe with us? Thanks

                  2. Hot buttered biscuits...........

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                      There is no other way in West Georgia to eat fig jam except on a hot buttered biscuit. Absolutely delicious.

                    2. I use fig jam combined with caramelized vidalia onions, and reduced white wine (with a splash of balsamic vinegar) as a sauce for roasted or braised pork.

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                        Put layers of buttered filo in mini muffin cups, add chevre and fig jam, bake until golden. Mmmmmm!

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                            I make kind of the same thing, but with blue cheese and puff pastry - big yum!

                        1. For a dessert, blend with a little marshmallow cream and spread inside almond or Grand Marnier flavored crepe, then roll and sprinkle on powdered sugar.

                          1. One of my favorite pizzas! Light layer of fig jam, fresh mozzarella, Proscuitto, Bake. Top with fresh Arugula after it comes out of the oven. Yum!! Go light on the fig jam otherwise it tastes like dessert!

                            1. Thanks for all the suggestions, all! This wasn't my post but I also recently obtained a jar of fig preserves. I've been eating it with brie and crackers so far, but have gotten some more great ideas here. Methinks a peanut butter and fig jam sandwich will be on the menu this week... The jam tart also looks great (I have a lot of open jars of jam in my fridge).

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                                Add a swipe of grainy mustard to the brie and jam.

                              2. I cut off the top rind of the brie, spread with fig jam or preserves, and top with sliced almonds and bake.

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                                  oh boy...I've been taking notes on this thread. That one is another winner, laliz!

                                2. It livens up a plan old ham sandwich too.

                                  1. Get really good, really sharp aged Cheddar (we prefer Old Quebec, aged four years). Cover cracker (of your choice, but in my view, the cracker should be plain so as to avoid competing with the cheddar and the jam) with thin layer of jam. Top with cheddar.

                                    Try not to eat the entire jar of jam in one sitting.

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                                      I like it with Dubliner cheese rather than cheddar, but otherwise, spot on! On crackers or in a sandwich, add arugula for a little bite.

                                    2. I just tried it on a bagel with cream cheese - really, really good! Now I see what I've been missing. The one I have is from The Girl and the Fig in Sonoma. Thanks for all your suggestions.

                                      1. Fig jam and preserves and preserved figs have been a part of our pantry as long as I can remember---from tree to table in those hot Southern kitchens.
                                        Except for a small fancy jar or two from a gift basket, I've always made all our own of all three---easier than most jellies, and quite rewarding to see those rows of jewelly jars in the pantry light.

                                        Friends who visit every Summer brought some of their crop last year, just for a lesson in Preserves-Making:


                                        And the next day we made preserved figs:



                                        My all-time favorite memory of those plump, rich teardrops are from a lunch with my dear, late Father-in-Law years ago:




                                        1. Crostini appetizer with goat cheese....

                                          1. we eat a lot of smoked tofu, fig jam, siracha, and shredded carrot and daikon sandwiches here.

                                            1. My recent go to sandwich for lunch: peanut butter, fig jam and sliced tart apple on wholesome whole wheat that has lots of seeds and other grains.

                                              1. Pizza with fig jam, goat cheese, prosciutto cooked on the grill and then topped with fresh herbs like basil.

                                                1. I love (my homemade) fig jam with greek yoghurt. I also will use fig jam to make a vinegrette

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                                                    +1 on the vinaigrette. Mix fig jam with balsamic vinegar to your taste. Can be low end balsamic. Great on greens. You don't even need salt.