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May 13, 2012 09:09 AM

Large graduation dinner in Manhattan

I need to arrange a large graduation dinner in Manhattan for two daughters, both graduating at the same time, in Manhattan, on Tuesday, May 29.

We are looking for a restaurant that can give us a private room accommodating 25-30 people. We need lots of vegetarian options, but not much alcohol. Casual and reasonably priced just fine.

Preferences would be Chinese, Korean, or Italian, but other cuisines welcome.

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  1. You could possibly get a private room at Congee Village, though they might not have one available anymore, and the minimum charge could be a bit expensive; call them and ask. They have some good vegetable dishes and perhaps more than some other Cantonese restaurants, but whether the number is sufficient, I leave to you, and I'd also be a bit cautious about the possibility that chicken broth or lard might be used in cooking some of the vegetable dishes.

    I think an Italian place like Supper is probably a better option, because I believe you can count on anything they represent as vegetarian to actually be purely vegetarian. I believe you'd have to pay $70 or $75/person for such a large group, though, and the food, though solid, is not as special as you could get at a place like Crispo where you wouldn't have an entire room to yourself.

    I throw these ideas out for the hell of it. I feel sure others will have some better suggestions.