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May 13, 2012 09:03 AM

Where to eat in Philadelphia?

Last year around this time someone posted this list of kosher restaurants in Philadelphia. We're planning to spend a few days there in June - can anyone tell me how accurate and up-to-date this list is?

Mamas Falafel
Blackbird Vegan Pizzeria
Su Xing (vegan Chinese)
MiLah (vegan Vietnamese)
Glatt Delight
Falafel Bar
Roz' bakery
Swiss Haus Bakery
Sweet Freedom Gluten-Free Vegan Bakery
Krispy Kreme Donuts
Pamcakes Cupcakery

We will definitely take Adina's recommendation for the Iyam Bayildi at Hamifgash. On vacation we like to eat out, but we'll need to get some take-out to bring to our hotel for Shabbos. Any other suggestions?

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  1. There are several recent discussions, but in Center City, here's the basic situation:

    Milah , Singapore and SuXing are Chinese veggie places. I didn't try them, but you will find discussions in recent threads.

    Mama's Falafel is just that, I'll vouch for the flalfel, but so will the crowd of regulars who come for the great chow, not because it has reliable supervision.

    There are two locations of the one on chestnut is a simple lunch counter and grill. The burger was a burger. Next time I'm in Philly I will take the opportunity to try their kosher Philly (cheeseless) steak sandwich.

    The decor at Hamifgash is so appalling that it's almost as though a set designer was asked to replicate a generic, low end, neighborhood ethnic place that has seen better days. The food is far better than the decor and side street location will lead you to expect. Excellent grilled beef kabob. The lamb kofta kebab was unexciting. You saw me raving about the Imam bayildi. I'll be in Philly again in a few weeks and I'm looking forward to going back.

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    1. re: AdinaA

      Thanks. I always do better if I manage my expectations. I've eaten at many holes in walls where the food turned out to be great.

      1. re: helou

        Glat Delight has been closed for a bit now. Hamifgash has the most yummy schnizel and grilled chicken kebobs!
        Pamcakes IMO is worth the out of the way location. YUMMY, Yummy spot! As is Roz, her chocolate cupcakes ROCK!
        Su Xing offers a side of seaweed on the lunch platters - do try it for a great treat!

      2. re: AdinaA

        The schnitzel at is very good, but get it on the burger roll instead of the long roll. AFAIK the supervision at Mama's is very reliable and it attracts a crowd that would not go to places like Su Xing and Blackbird because they are open on Shabbos.

        1. re: barryg

          Sorry, that's what I meant. Mama's has very reliable supervision, that's why I was there, but you can't help noticing that a large crowd that clearly doesn't give a hoot about kashruth comes purely because the food is so good.

          1. re: AdinaA

            Oh right, exactly. Big cross over success, the falafel is easily the best Israeli-style in Philly. And the hummus is my #2 after Zahav (Israeli cuisine but not kosher).

        2. re: AdinaA

          And one clarification.. Mi Lah is not Chinese, it's an eclectic vegetarian menu with American, African, Brazilian and many Asian cuisines (Thai, Cambodian, etc) represented.

          1. re: AdinaA

            I have heard that the Krispy Kreme in center city (this location ONLY) is sadly closing:( What a sad loss for those in Center City. The ones in NJ and North East Philly are still open and are both Kosher too:)

            1. re: ThePrettypoodle

              I think it already closed.

              HOWEVER Crumbs Bakery just opened on 18th St near Rittenhouse Square. Their food is kosher per the chain but I don't know if the location itself has supervision, make your own call I guess. Sounds like they don't do any actual baking on the premises.


          2. For Shabbat takeout, I highly recommend Acme Supermarket in Narberth. I found out about it through this board. They have a large selection of prepared food (OU supervision)- chicken, kugel, etc., as well as plenty of kosher groceries. If I recall correctly, it took us about 30 minutes to get there from our hotel in Center City.

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            1. re: EmpireState

              For travelers without a car, you can take SEPTA's Paoli/Thorndale train from Center City to Narberth Station, the ride is only15 minutes but it's about a 10 minute walk to the store.

              1. re: barryg

                If you have a car and are willing to go 30 minutes to Narberth, try Cherry Hill Shoprite Kosher Experience on Route 70 maybe 15 minutes from the Ben Franklin Bridge. They also have a pretty good selection of prepared food, a butcher shop and significant amount of kosher groceries and frozen foods. You will most likely be just as satisfied with the selection of products there as in Acme, although both are certainly not Pomegrante. Cherry K - Rav Epstein

                1. re: Arinoam

                  I personally really prefer the Acme plus there is no extra $5 "get otta Jersey tax" though gas is really alot less in NJ and they pump!

                  1. re: Prettypoodle

                    The $5 one way toll is a Knas for making a Yeridah from NJ to PA . Same thing at the other end of the Turnpike when descending to NY

            2. FYI there are a couple of other places not on that list, like Falafel Bar (great paninis) and Crisp (delicious flatbread pizza). For the most up to date list, see:

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              1. re: kosherfoodfan

                Crisp is about to take the pizza off the menu BUT it WILL still be available. It has something to do with the fact that only the Philly location has them acroding to a man I spoke to on Sunday from Crisp.

                1. re: kosherfoodfan

                  A heads up, Crisp is now called Grilladelphia or something equally horrid and is no longer vegetarian or Kosher.

                  1. re: barryg

                    BUMMER:( I just told a friend about Crisp and got her all excited to go there:( Oh well, I will remind her to go to Mamas:) (SHe recently just discivered Fallafel and LOVES it!)

                    1. re: ThePrettypoodle

                      Mama's falafel is better than Crisp was, anyway.

                      1. re: barryg

                        True , but i did enjoy Criso the one time I got there. Told y friend again about Mamas just last night. She had her first REAL falafel last night. She had had one over the summer at some festival and it was served in a wrap:( She was shocked when it was served in a pita, but she enjoyed it alot;) We got them at Holy Land Grill - YUM!

                        1. re: ThePrettypoodle

                          FYI - there is a newly Kosher place in South Philly called Miss Rachel's Pantry. It is Vegan and delicious. Kosher supervision by IKC. They mostly do takeout and catering. Website is here: