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May 13, 2012 07:35 AM

Jersey Shore Food Truck Wars

All the fun details can be found here:

Fellow NJ Chowhounds who have shared so many great reviews about food truckers in our state-I hope to see ya there!

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  1. I want to go to this so bad!!! My son plays travel baseball and of course we have a tournament that weekend - but I am going to do my best to squeeze this in somehow...

    1. List of participating food trucks recently updated here:

      1. Going Sunday without a doubt.

        Taking the whole family and looking forward to my afterpost.

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        1. re: seal

          Super excited. Especially for Red Hook Lobster. Here's the updated list:

          Ahh! La Cart
          Wafels & Dinges
          Burger Box
          Max's Hot Dogs
          Red Hook Lobster
          Pudgy's Street Food
          Rickshaw Dumplings
          Kona Ice
          The Taco Truck
          Lil Dans Gourmet
          Deliano's Food Service
          The French Quarter - A Taste of New Orleans LLC
          Mustache Mobile
          Cupcake Carnivale
          Thai Elephant Truck
          Fork in the Road
          Gozen Yogurt

          1. re: stack_c

            And the winners are:

            ( well, at least IMHO)

            Red Hook Lobster - lobster blt w chipotle mayo was off the (red) hook!
            Wafels & Dinges - I had the pulled pork, crazy good on a waffle. The kids loved the ones with ice cream and gobs of sweet stuff
            Rickshaw Dumplings - chicken and thai basil!

            Didn't see The French Quarter truck.
            Thai truck had a very weak papaya salad.

            Lots and lots of people eating! Go NJ economy!

            1. re: seal

              I just got back. The place was mobbed and the lines long so we only got to the lobster truck. I got a Maine roll and husband got the Bacon, Lobster, Tomato. Both were great. After that we watched the band and then a race, which was fun.

              I'm not the best reviewer for food festivals because I'm always trying to keep my weight in check and so can never go all out with the food. Still, I enjoy going and trying at least one thing.

              I hope they do this again with more trucks next time.

              1. re: seal

                Bet we were in line waiting for the waffles at the same time! you probably got yours as I was at the end of the line...

                agreed on the chicken thai basil dumplings. by the time we got to lobster truck they were 80% sold out... bummed as i was looking forward to the blt (shocker, i know). i believe the french quarter truck had a problem with it's permits and had to leave (that was the word going around)

          2. Just got back as well. Was really hoping I'd be able to try a bunch of different things, but as it usually goes with events like this, unless you show up right when it starts, you'll spend most of your day in a line. We arrived around 2PM and the lines were insane. It was incredibly difficult to find out what line pertained to which truck, and once you did, there was no turning back. We stood in line for the Rickshaw Dumpling truck for about 45 minutes. Of course, once we were about 2 orders back, they ran out of the side that we wanted to order with our dumplings. What we did get to eat was fantastic (pork dumplings and chicken dumplings), but since we had no patience to wait in another line, we ate our entire lunch from the one truck. The trucks were doing the best they could given the number of people, so there really isn't anyone to put the blame on - it just sucks that you either had to show up at 11:30 or divide and conquer (and spend 45 minutes alone) in order to fully enjoy all of the trucks.

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            1. re: benn2009

              We went as well.... and the lines were soooooo long, we didn't even try waiting on them. And when people say the lines were insane, they weren't exaggerating... lines were 50, 75, 100 people deep.

              I mean, I love street food & food trucks as much as the next chow-hounder, but at the end of the day, these are FOOD TRUCKS we're talking about; I wouldn't wait for an hour to try a small hole in the wall no matter how good it was, and I wasn't about to wait an hour in line to try one food truck.

              Really a fail of a day, after paying $3 to park and $9 to get in for the three of us, to not even be able to try any of the trucks .... it wasn't the trucks fault; I fault the organizers for over-promoting it (and having the truck rally during a racing event) and not having enough trucks to service the crowds. I would certainly NOT attend if they hold it again next year.

            2. I definitely echo the sentiments regarding the long lines. My girlfriend and I got there pretty early so the lines weren't to ridiculous. Here's what we had:

              Fork in the Road - By 1:00 they were already sold out of the short rib sandwich, but I got the pork shoulder sandwich with broccoli rabe and muenster cheese which was actually quite good. Also got a grilled chicken sandwich with cheddar cheese and some sort of really tasty bread.

              Red Hook Lobster - My girlfriend waited in line here while I was in line for Fork in the Road. She got us a lobster BLT which was very tasty.

              Thai Elephant truck - we waited in a quick line and ordered drunken noodles and spicy basil chicken dish. We were given a number which we soon realized meant anothe 45 minutes to an hour before we actually got the food. Luckily the beer garden was right next door and we were able to kill the time in style sampling micro brews. The food was pretty average Thai cuisine, but it was nice and spicy.

              Rickshaw Dumpling - We had a couple of friends there who we found waiting in this line so we asked them to get enough for us to try. They got 6 each of the pork, thai basil chicken, and vegetarian. They were all pretty good, but the vegetarian (edamame with peanut dipping sauce) was actually the best.

              All said and done, we waited in a lot of long lines, spent a lot of money, drank a lot of beer, and ate some pretty decent food. Not a bad day. I would have to say that the best bite of food I had all day was the vegetarian dumpling from Rickshaw.

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              1. re: wujamie

                We must have been standing in the same lines around the same hour, wuj. Your selections nearly outline my own. The veg dumplings were very good but the lobster blt was my fav of the day.

                I also agree with the frustration of long lines, some trucks running completely out early and the general lack of planning for crowds. Hopefully the organizers will rethink the hits & misses for next time. I think a venue like this needs a location that is entirely focused on the food trucks..not a shared space.

                But I do hope this runs again and again and attracts some of the terrific trucks missing from the day (The Cinnamon Snail for one).