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May 13, 2012 06:50 AM

Where can I find habernero (hot pepper) plants in the Twin Cities?

None of the nurseries I visited sell habernero plants. Any idea?

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  1. The Friend's School Plant Sale ends today at the State Fairgrounds.

    This thread may also interest you:

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    1. re: semanticantics

      Hopefully Kamala made it to the plant sale. I started that thread, and ended up going to the fair grounds on Saturday afternoon. They were out of the one plant that I REALLY wanted (chocolate habs), but I managed to pick up a couple white habs, purple habs, ghosts, and fataliis for about $20 out the door.

      Now, I just need to figure out how the hell to grow these things and keep them from dying in containers. Apartment living at its finest.

    2. Gertens Farm Market in IGH has them, I planted some last weekend.

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      1. re: princebaal

        Was just at Gertens today, they had several trays of them. Plants looked very healthy.

      2. Mpls Farmers Market - Sunnyside Gardens (Linden Hills) -

        1. One of the big stands at the St. Paul farmers market has them. So does Fleet farm - incidentally I bought a thai chili plant at Fleet Farm.

          1. For those in the west metro, Waconia Farm and Home (Ace) has them as well as Thai chili plants.

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              There are outdoor garden stands (?Great Gardens) in the west metro that have them. One of the stands is parking lot of EP mall and another is in front of the Jerry's in Eden Prairie. They have containers of 4 habenero plants for $1 (on sale until 5/30 I believe). Pretty hard to beat that. I bought a group of 4 because the plants look so good - now I wonder why since they are way to hot for me!