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May 13, 2012 06:36 AM

Advice for Raleigh pls.

My wife is running a group trip (about 30 people) to visit gardens in Raleigh, NC. They are staying at the Sheraton at 421 Salisbury. We would very much appreciate your recommendations for restaurants within walking distance of that hotel.

We don't need restaurants that can accommodate all 30. Usually, the members go in separate groups of 2, 3, or up to 6.

Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.


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  1. Your best bet would be to start with the recommendations on the thread you started last summer/fall:

    As far as I know, all of the recommendations still hold.

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      Thanks. I had done a search on "Raleigh" to see if I could find that, but no success. Now, is there anything new in the area? The general Raleigh search seemed to show a lot of new openings.

    2. One of my newest favorites is Calavares I'm always a huge fan of Oakwood Cafe and Neomonde (Neomonde's fancy sister is Sitti: and Porters For BBQ, Clyde Coopers BBQ is downtown & mighty tasty

      For nice/pricier dinners: Glenwood Grill, Bloomsbury Bistro, Mo's Diner, Margeaux (north Raleigh - not downtown,, and 18 Seaboard (also open for lunch


      I'd probably just search "Raleigh" on the Southeast broad for other suggestions Hope she has a nice trip to Raleigh.

      1. Their hotel is right by the convention center. The restaurants I would recommend that are the shortest walk are Pooles Diner and Buku. The Pit and Jibarra are a little further in the Warehouse District. There are plenty of places downtown which are quite good, but most are a bit further from the hotel.

        This link has a good downtown restaurant link:

        There is a free bus, the "R" line which loops around downtown frequently. Using this will open up the options if they aren't up for a lot of walking. Raleigh Times has great burgers & sandwiches. Remedy Diner very good vegetarian options. This map shows the "R" line in relation to hotels and the different districts downtown.

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          I would also recommend Beasley's, Chuck's and Capital Club 16. They are all within walking distance of the Sheraton. Oh - and Dos Taquitos Centro. (Or are they calling themselves simply Centro now?)

        2. Thanks to all who provided advice. The ladies (and a handful of men) enjoyed your suggestions, which were provided as part of their trip package. Bu Ku, Sitti, and Caffe Luna were very popular. I know one group went to the Bistro. Others enjoyed the BBQ and the chicken place. People went in separate groups of 3-6, so I am probably missing many places. In any event, thanks again.

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            glad everyone had a great trip and had some good chow!