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Making a strawberry-rhubabrb pie....do you peel rhubarb?

This is a silly question, considering I have made a few such pies already. The recipe I've used is pretty basic and the pies come out good. This year, I'm making one to give away, so I want it to be as delicious as ever. First, do you have a favorite/excellent recipe? Also, if you have baked with rhubarb before, do you peel it first? I never have but wonder if you should....my recipe doesn't specify. Thank you!

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  1. I wouldn't bother peeling the rhubarb, unless it's really hard & fibrous. (probably still wouldn't bother then!)
    I don't have a favourite recipe, but I've found that a little ground cardamom is a fantastic complement to strawberry-rhubarb.

      1. After baking rhubarb pies for over 20 years, I found the best recipe a couple of years ago:
        3/4 C. sugar
        1/2 tsp cinnamon
        1 (regular size box) strawberry jello
        Stir the dry stuff together in a large mixing bowl, throw in the rhubarb an stir well, put it in your crust and bake. best ever!

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          Did you say that was five pounds of Rhubarb? Recipes without ingredient quantities are difficult to interpret.

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              Thank you. I'm looking forward to trying your method.

        2. Don't peel if you can help it, I did the first time and what a mess....red drops everywhere!

          1. Get rid of the leaves and any root and chop away! No need to peel.

            1. Yeah, the strings cook away, just as celery strings do. I mostly hopped on here to thank you for reminding me it's rhubarb time, because I've spent the last several months waiting to try duplicating the best rhubarb-berry pie I've ever tasted. It was the raspberry-rhubarb from Linn's in Cambria, CA. Brilliant combination, we thought even better than the sacred strawberry version. If I can figure it out, I won't have to drive all the way up there when I want one!

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                  This is the one I used! I did substitute the crust for the CI vodka pie crust though. It looks good and smelled great baking! I took joanne's advice and added a touch of cardamom, I love it but just not sure if recipient of pie does. I am planning on getting more rhubarb next time out to farmer's market and making mr.bigshot's version for us to enjoy. Thank you, everyone!

                2. Don't peel. And don't go by color. Some rhubarb varieties are ripe when they are green, others pink, others red. Look for firm stalks - if there are any leaves (which are poisonous and not to be eaten) they should not be shriveled.

                  For a plethora of recipes, www.rhubarbinfo.com