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May 13, 2012 04:56 AM

Making a strawberry-rhubabrb you peel rhubarb?

This is a silly question, considering I have made a few such pies already. The recipe I've used is pretty basic and the pies come out good. This year, I'm making one to give away, so I want it to be as delicious as ever. First, do you have a favorite/excellent recipe? Also, if you have baked with rhubarb before, do you peel it first? I never have but wonder if you recipe doesn't specify. Thank you!

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  1. I wouldn't bother peeling the rhubarb, unless it's really hard & fibrous. (probably still wouldn't bother then!)
    I don't have a favourite recipe, but I've found that a little ground cardamom is a fantastic complement to strawberry-rhubarb.

      1. After baking rhubarb pies for over 20 years, I found the best recipe a couple of years ago:
        3/4 C. sugar
        1/2 tsp cinnamon
        1 (regular size box) strawberry jello
        Stir the dry stuff together in a large mixing bowl, throw in the rhubarb an stir well, put it in your crust and bake. best ever!

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          Did you say that was five pounds of Rhubarb? Recipes without ingredient quantities are difficult to interpret.

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              Thank you. I'm looking forward to trying your method.

        2. Don't peel if you can help it, I did the first time and what a drops everywhere!

          1. Get rid of the leaves and any root and chop away! No need to peel.