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Salute in Hartford

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Just had an excellent (and reasonably priced) meal at Salute (100 Trumbull Street) in Hartford. It has a very sophisticated, but totally comfortable feel. You would feel fine in a dinner jacket or in jeans. Service was perfect, food outstanding. http://salutect.com

To start, I had their strawberry arugala salad, which was a VERY generous serving of arugala, strawberries, goat cheese and toasted walnuts. I loved it (next time I might split it with my wife). She opted for their field greens salad with roasted shallot vinaigrette. Also excellent.

For my main course, I chose one of their specials that night; Monkfish Piccata. The fish was very fresh (gotta be with monkfish) and cooked perfectly. The Piccata sauce was infused with lemon and capers as you might expect, but was deeper in color and flavor with the addition of (I think) sun dried tomatoes. As it was placed before me, along with whipped potatoes and grilled asperagus, I said to the server "I'll never be able to eat all of this". Guess what, I ate every wonderful bite of the monkfish and made a respectable dent in the sides.

My wife was very happy with her shrimp fra diablo (is it me, or should it be called shrimp fra diavalo? I mean, you're using "fra"). Anyway, she had asked them to modify the dish to omit sausage and to tone down the spice, and they were very accomodating. The result was a happy, satisfied customer.

The tiramisu my wife ordered was a bit denser than she is used to, but I tasted it and it was delicious. I relaxed with a very affordable glass of grappa.

We will definitely return to this wonderful restaurant. My only regret is that I didn't hear of it sooner. That's the kind of heads up I have always expected to get from Chowhound. Its been open a couple of years now, but I never heard a peep. Time to tune in elsewhere, I suppose.

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  1. I've been there and totally agree with you. I just never got around to writing it up for Chowhound. Please forgive me jkhulen and don't leave CH. I respect your opinions. The Southern NE Board needs you to stay.

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      Thanks, chowmensch, I have enjoyed your posts as well. No worries, I will continue to tune in and participate on CH, but y#lp had at least five recent reviews of Salute, and that's why we decided to go. Does CH have the numbers to be effective in covering the greater Hartford area on such a large geographic board? I know the quality of individual posts is excellent, just not sure about the quantity. Hey lurkers, maybe its time to toss a few recs out there!

    2. Salute is excellent, it is most of the original Hot Tomatoes crew.

      They do a great job and are a bargain for a downtown restaurant,

      1. Wow, I never heard of it either. Thanks for posting this!