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May 12, 2012 09:07 PM

Freezing or Refrigerating Onions

I have a bag of small onions and possibly 1 bag at my moms I have a basketball game next sat the 19 and I need to mince or finely chop all these onions before they go bad. They are all for on top of hot dogs at the concession room. I need to do this tomorrow as they are at the point they might sprout soon. Will all these raw onions keep in the fridge for a week or should I freeze them and how do I freeze them.

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  1. They'll turn mushy If you freeze (and then thaw) them.

    They should last fine if you keep them cool -- even if not in the fridge.

    Edit:: According to website at the link below, onions are best stored in dark at 35-45 degrees F. So fridge probably is the best.

    1. I do freeze chopped onions, but only for later sauteeing (takes awhile to go from thawed & mushy to silky browned) or to toss in soups, etc. As drongo said, they'll not work for use in any fresh applications.

      1. If you decide to freeze them be very careful to wrap them well in a sealed container. My father basically destroyed our ice maker by freezing a bunch of chopped onions and they're flavor seeped into the ice maker so all our cubes tasted like onions--only a pleasant flavor in a bloody mary.

        1. You just bought them? They'll keep fine for 1 week. No need to chop now *or* refrigerate them, IMO. Just tuck the bag into a dark closet unless you're in the Deep South without a/c. Then refrigeration might be necessary.

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            +1. Even if they sprout a little, they'll still be fine.