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May 12, 2012 08:13 PM

Eccles in Manhattan?

My mom is visiting and asked if there's somewhere that has eccles (eccles cake). Googling, I see that a place called The John Dory Oyster Bar has them. However, it looks a little more pricey than we were hoping. Is there any bakery that makes them so that we can just buy and go? We don't actually care about the cheese that is supposed to go with it. We just miss the eccles themselves.


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  1. By coincidence, I had eccles cake last night at North End Grill, and it was listed as such on the menu. On today's menu, it's called "currant and almond puff pie" instead!!/d...

    Anyhow, since NEG is a schlep (unless you live in Tribeca or FiDi), and I'm not sure they would do take out of a dessert, I'd definitely call first regarding availability.

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      North End Grill is the place, whatever they're now calling them (locals didn't know what an Eccles cake was). I grew up in the UK and this is far and away the best Eccles cake I've ever tasted. If you don't want a full dinner, you can probably get it at the bar.

    2. If you can make it one stop on the L to Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, Saltie has them to go:

      1. I admittedly haven't had any of the others, but the one at the John Dory is really the best I've ever had outside of the UK. (The chef's treacle pudding is to die for too.)

        1. Myers of Keswick, the English grocer in the West Village, has eccles cake.