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May 12, 2012 07:20 PM

propane barbequea

Our seven year old Centro barbeque has finally grilled its last burger. needs new everything. I'm wondering if i should go and get all new replacement parts or forget it and buy a whole new barbeque? Anyone have any suggestions on good features/brands to look for and what brands/models to avoid? Hot sunny evening and everyone in our neighbourhood is outside cooking, the smells are driving us crazy, we need to act on this soon. We'll be shopping in North Vancouver/Vancouver area. Thanks.

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  1. One of the best places to shop for a BBQ is in North Van, actually:

    I have purchase replacement parts for my Weber(s) there.

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      +1 on Johnstone's, they helped us convert a propane bbq to a gas one running off our natural gas line from the house, woot!

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        +2 on Johnstone's. I bought my Broil King there a few years ago (I've since sold it). Great family business, great service, competitive prices. People who knows their stuff.

    2. i'd really like a Jackson Grill -- made in BC - not cheap but amazing
      i like that they are more compact than the massive he-man size bbq's one commonly sees at the usual big box stores etc.

      i am mixed about repairing a bbq - depends on what brand it is - but generally, i have found that it's difficult and dirty to get the old burners out (the fasteners are rusted lock-tight, etc) --- and the cost of a burner is not cheap. wasteful i know - but then you know why there are so many old bbq put out for p/u on municipal spring cleaning day.

      but if one were looking for an affordable, practical gas (propane or nat gas) bbq - i'd go to Home Hardware (or the JOhnstones store suggested above) and look at the Sterling / Broil King line - they are from an old Cdn company in the Kitchener area - we've had a couple of them in the past 10 years.

      and it certainly is great to plumb it in to your nat gas - but i do know someone who left the grill "on" for about a month. So be careful! (we always shut off the propane tank at the source after each use


      and i am sure you realize this but it helps extend the useful life of bbq if you keep it sheltered from the rain with a cover. London Drugs has some decent looking beige-ish ones on sale right now. make sure you read the size on the box label cuz there are a couple of diff sizes avail

        1. Kerrisdale Lumber on West Boulevard has a good selection, and if you catch a sale you'll probably get a good deal. I figure anyplace that sell The Big Green Egg is serious about BBQ's.

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            I'll second Kerrisdale Lumber as well if you're just buying (not replacing parts). They do have a good number of choices. And I'm weirdly obsessed with the BGE too :-).

          2. Take along a small magnet with you. It the bbq is made of good stainless steel the magnet will not stick. It it is cheap or look alike it will most definitely stick