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May 12, 2012 06:48 PM

Filipino empanadas-- favorites?

I am looking for people's favorite Filipino empanada (chicken or beef) in the SF or Daly City, Penninsula area.

I often find Goldilock's too oily, but I haven't been in a while. Valerio's is our go to right now ( minis) but I would like less crust to filling ratio and to explore others. I also like Auntie Em's but I want more traditional chicken kind. Theirs are cup shaped.
II would like to find a place to buy a few dozen to bring to Colorado as a gift for a group. It will likely be their first time having Filipino empanadas.

Any favorites?

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  1. i go to valerios to get mine. cant say ive tried them all here in the bay area, but i have tried the following: red ribbon (located in daly city. goldilock's standard empanada), bread basket (located in daly city. didnt really wow me, but did have more filling relative to crust), starbread (located in south sf. OK, probably the one worth trying out of my suggestions), and DJ Bibingkahan (located in vallejo - so, imagine too far for you. when i was near enough to go there frequently, it wasnt a regular item. fairly oily). if you do end of finding one that's better than valerios, let us know...nothing beats my mother's, but im still trying to find one that comes close.