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May 12, 2012 05:53 PM

Patisserie Ruelo Revisit - A nice surprise!

It must be almost a year since I last bought pastries from this quaint little Richmond Hill French pastry shop. My recollection was that the quality of their cakes were credible and good but not great.

I was in that plaza this evening and decided to pay it a re-visit. I bought a couple of their cakes to take home just to see whether things have changed. They were, Chocolate Banana and Pistachio Blackcurrant. I was pleasantly surprised how delicious they were!!

The Chocolate Banana was very tasty and aromatic. The presence of real chunks of banana interacted nicely with the chocolate sponge cake and mousse. However, the insertion of some crispy praline to give the cake an enhanced textural play was a masterful touch!

The Pistachio Blackcurrant has the perfect degree of sweetness. The Pistachio mousse, Blackcurrant Cremeux and Chocolate sponge cake finely balanced out the tartness of the Raspberries. Very enjoyable and delightful!

I recalled during my last visit, the owner/pastry chef Jacqueline was planning a trip to Paris to further hone her skill. Guess her extra effort has paid off! I'll be back!!

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  1. They have my favourite macarons in the city.

    And for those who can't make it to Richmond Hill, they just had the grand opening of their Yonge and Erskine location.

    1. It's nice to see this little store doing well still. There was a bit of a buzz when it first opened but has been quiet for a while. I know someone who used to work at the store and was told that the owner is very passionate about her work and is a bit of a perfectionist. I have bought a couple of small birthday cakes (Ferror Rocher flavoured) from them over the past year and loved it both times. Although my fiancee knows how to make macaroons, we stop buy when we have a craving for them and are generally very satisfied.

      I think Reulo has built up a bit of a reputation with the asian community, not sure how well they will fare at their new location. I think I will check out their new location to lend my support because I hate to see little shops like this fail.

      Thanks for the update and pic Charles!

      1. Anyone been to their Yonge and Erskine location yet? I'm debating getting a cake from either Ruelo or La Bombache and would appreciate any suggestions for Asian-inspired desserts.